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  1. Name: Spectear Hero Stats: 1516/1605/629/534 Abilities: 692/1281 Tower Stats: 772/765/992/863 Weapon: 19664 damage, over 300 in every stat, 234 upgrades, 1 mana value Resistances: 90/90/90/90 I'm fairly sure that armor with this many stats (resists included) and over 200 upgrades isn't possible to obtain in-game yet. I could be wrong, as I havn't cleared Mistymyre on HC MM Survival.
  2. I have some cake... then I put it in a barrel and shoot it. Then I eat it.
  3. Circular slice just needs some tweaking, it's actually awesome if you're using a hammer. Enrage feels strong enough as is since you can keep it up long enough to dps down most mobs, or sprint from one location to another. A reduced initial mana cost perhaps, along with an increased amount of ramp rate for the cost over time is what I'd suggest. Keeping the ability active for a longer period of time than it's already sustainable for seems... maybe a little too strong. Incentivising toggling it more frequently seems like a better route to take. By "Healing Aura" I assume you mean "Hero Boost"
  4. Personally I'm looking forward to using the Leafblower, which seems to act like a flamethrower. Crappy PS damage, but amazingly high dps. You can also use Disc guns to peirce multiple targets if you're looking for something else to use.
  5. Isn't needed at all, DPS pets are worthless enough as it is. As for the massive nerf to the hunter class I really don't know why they'd do that when apprentices do 3x the damage with similar gear. In melee range against a single target.
  6. Why on earth would you nerf the hunter and huntress? Apprentice already had better DPS and overcharge, now the hunter is useless for everything other than traps.. Can the app shoot through walls? Can the app peirce unlimited targets? Can the app use different weapons to adapt to different situations?
  7. As in what's the average, the maximum or the minimum? Also, the Blasticus isn't really worth using anymore.
  8. If you run out of gear, let me know. I wouldn't mind farming some for a good cause. Expansion tomorow, can't wait ;).
  9. either, which ever you prefer really. melee works because of the 360 attack range. ranges works because it doesn't use player attack points. Fairly sure it scales off of hero attack, can't login to test it but that was the case yesterday ;).
  10. ranged = more dps in melee range, no cleave melee = slightly less, but still a decent amount of damage with cleave Up to you which one you pick, both are viable. Depending on the maps you're playing, you might want to use both.
  11. They work on everything that has a boostable power stat. Anything that deals damage, slows, weakens.
  12. I'd assume that it's going to be paid DLC. Labeling it as an "expansion" normally means that you can pay extra for more content that progresses the plot. Although it might not cost as much as the full game, it'll probably be a fair bit more than the current packages of DLC that we have.
  13. Steam's randomly coming up and going back down, I suggest finding something else to do for the next couple of hours at least.
  14. Although Finally posted that Steam's up, I'll confirm for anyone that still unable to log in that it's not up for everyone yet. I occasionally connect for a minute or two, but it will always lose connection for a long period of time shortly after connecting. It's a steam problem, not a Tnet problem. There's a ton of complaints on the steam forums about it right now.
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