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  1. I was doing some xp farming for a new character with my level 50's with decent gear and me and my friend looked at our weapons realizing they werent our legendary items we backed out to find all of our gear had been wiped no idea what caused it but it sucks to have all that time spent farming washed down the drain.knew the game was a bit glitchy and buggy so i cant say im surprised jyst generally disappointed.
  2. Was farming harbinger for xp for a new characters with a friend and we both realized we had the default models for weapons. After leaving we checked our inv and everything was gone pets gear, etc. thats 40 hours down the drain and to think i was actually about to spend money on this game. Update: got to 500 ipwr and tried to farm harbinger again to lvl up another character.wanted to help others so i named the session "PRESS REPLAY MAP" with the quotation marks and got wiped after testing naming the session "PRESS REPLAY MAP" got wiped so i can replicate this glitch wouldn't exactly suggest trying for yourself. Trendy i'm starting to get fed up with being wiped fix this glitch for the love of god.
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