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  1. yes, this is post-wipeaggedon. i had 4 characters : levels 48, 30, 31, and 11. i have all wipeaggedon skins, the welp, and three legendaries dragons. i had been playin on a daily basis of up to 6 or so hours a day since the wipe. like i said, i lost my account info by simply relogging, and been waiting a recovery for over a week. the last known time i play with my account was at 5:20PM PST on 8/2/2015.
  2. Sir, it has been a whole week and i still have not received any help. i lost my account by relogging. i've sent in a ticket a week ago and again four days ago, still nothing. i lost my account 8/2/2015 5:20PM PST. imo issues regarding accounts should be helped asap. this also seem to be happening to players every couple of days, this seriously needs to be eyeballed and fixed.
  3. a tower that would fit is probably a trebuchet, catapult, or some sort of scatter shot cannon.
  4. It wouldn't matter because it's not going to go back to the way it was. This thread is pointless, and not only because the devs recently said it was always the plan to reintroduce speed in a more controlled manner. It was pointless before because they had said that a long time ago. Exactly, if there had been even the slightest chance to keep the old the iteration of defence speed we would have had an influence vote LONG ago most of us already know they won't bring back tower speed to how it used to be, i was suggesting a poll for datamining purposes.
  5. if only there was a poll to get a real number count of who is for or against tower speed.
  6. they should be stacked as well as automatically put in the pet bag.
  7. yeah there's a post of this on the suggestion forum, go there to add likes to it. devs said highly liked suggestions easily get their attention.
  8. like many others have said, our towers are so weak that we must babysit them 90% of the time due to all sorts of resistances and buffs the enemy gains. if we had defense speed right now, our towers would be able to take some enemies as they come. right now i love the what has been done to the enemies, but the huge drawback of no tower speed makes our towers feel like taking care of a newborn baby, you take your attention away for a second and **** goes horribly wrong. even if geyser+lightning made a comeback it wouldn't be as good as it was pre-wipeageddon. they added crowd control resistances that reduce any form of status effect drastically like electrocution or knockback, and immunity to knock up. with how enemies are right now they would still be able penetrate half of the defense even with defense speed. with the addition to bosses every other wave, players also have to haul their weight around leaving the towers for a few seconds to come back to half or nearly dead towers. they need to make tower to be at least on equal ground to enemies, so that one wave of kobolds won't roflstomp your cades to oblivion or get pelted down by mere goblins. i want to enjoy watching my towers take down at least a majority of the enemies while i tackle the big guys like javelins, orcs and drakins. bring back tower speed for all the solo-ers, all the dd1 veterans, and all the people who want to enjoy the game.
  9. rocket launcher / mobile cannon, ray gun - huntress gauntlets, tonfa, nunchuckas - monk axes, mace, 2h sword, hammer - squire wand, tome, crystal - apprentice
  10. For the mirror image i was thinking of making a phantom aggro enemies and then explodes with a cooldown of 8 seconds. i like the magic mirror idea. The phantasm skill sounds awesome, but would probably take a lot of work because of how many pets they would need to change aesthetically and code in (even though the tower i thought of would require even more). Perhaps another illusionist phantom that would attack would fit.
  11. i kind of figured that would be the case. and reww, at the bottom of mostly every dd2 page theres a link to contact support then at the bottom you'll see the bug report form link
  12. i sent in a ticket over three days ago, and i still haven't gotten any sort of reply. are the tickets really coming in that fast or did something go wrong when i sent in a ticket? im sorry that im being impatient, but i just want to play.
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