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  1. Looking to auction these two items. Both self farmed. IC thread link - Page 345 Reserve on the gloves is 15 cv. End date is 3/28, but bids on the last day will extend 24 hours. I accept coal 7:1, cubes, diamonds (5/10/15) Traced Events *Please message me to discuss event cv values if any are used in bids, and I will update C/O to reflect what we settle on Thanks for looking!! C/O Quieutus : 1 cv C/O Gloves : 1 cv
  2. Please IC these - uncensored sent https://imgur.com/a/oDjAQsz Thanks!
  3. on the clava, are hero HP dmg and ab2 all triple digits?
  4. Must be traced. PM or post offers! Thanks for looking
  5. bumping this and upping what I will offer for any of these. send me offers if anyone has some!
  6. 15 cv if passes IC and isn't tiny - please post size and color - looks green or blue based on picture. end date?
  7. Hey all, I am trying to stop hoarding armor that I have no use for so I threw together some sets that come fairly close to hitting the sup cap. I'm not really sure if sup even sells, but here's a try. There are some random ult pieces for sale too - those will probably just sell to first offer that comes to me, if at all. No minimum or reserve. 20b = 1 coal and 7 coal = 1 cube. Max mana I will take is 3cv or 420b total. That is overall total, not per person. thanks for looking! DPS set 1 --------------- DPS set 2 --------------- DPS set 3 --------------- DPS set 4 --------------- Tower set 1 ------------- Tower set 2 ------------- Individual Ult pieces ---- *pics were taken with 100 hero points in speed and 885 in cast rate, so the set bonus stats will reflect those points from being level 100. The pictures show each piece as is in ranked. Stat pictures show the set upgraded in open *I have some ToTs, glads and sparus wasting away too.. so if you plan on using one of these sets on barb, monk or summoner, I can throw in something to go along with it for free.
  8. Could implement weekly missions to reward some sort of currency or crafting item to generate a slow but consistent flow of progression and ease some of the grinding fear some people have
  9. I don’t mean to derail this post, but you can view I believe every score in DD1. If you check your core in your tavern, it will show you your top score and how it ranks. Also can see every score above it. Although it is rather tedious to view and scroll through, I will admit..
  10. In my experience in DD 1, hosts are more than generous in running you. They go far out of their way to make sure everyone can get involved who wants to, around the clock! Events last whole weekend and you can even set up a time - ahead of time is best but can’t hurt to try afterward if you miss scheduled times. cant speak much to how it will be in DDA, but this is reason enough to remain hopeful!
  11. Will the new item serve the purpose better than ballblaster does now?
  12. Some have mentioned prepaid cards can be used. I suspect Devs will refer you to the Kickstarter help page to figure out a payment method. You can find this with a simple google search.
  13. I think you’re talking about events, which still happen right now in DD1. I also hope this this is something that happens in DDA. I guess I had assumed it would. Glad you made this post!
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