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  1. Are the rift skins from the other preorder option encompassed in “DDA skins”? Are these rift skins different from the Kickstarter skins, or are they the same?
  2. Perfect. Thanks for that. Guess I just needed to search a little bit. This was right in front of me for quite some time. I appreciate it, despite my laziness XD
  3. I can't seem to create new topics in the kickstarter forum... So, here I am. I was a 300$ backer and I have tried to keep up with news best I can. Seems as though physical backer gifts should have been sent, but I have received zero rewards so far. I seem to not have any digital rewards either (obviously I can't even create a thread in the backer forum) I see that I can access some DD2 digital rewards, but I have zero interest in claiming those. How do I get the other rewards such as the t shirt and skins in DDA? I did receive an early access beta key. To be frank, since we were told DDA would launch in October, then November, now.... well.. who knows. I started skimming the news with this until the release is finalized. Possible I missed something, but I would like to know when and where these so called rewards will be. Also seems there is a new gift system all together. How do I get those gifts as I was a backer from the very beginning on the kickstarter website.
  4. It’s probably not worth the time to fix if it is a dev issue
  5. Jonesy loves his vacation!
  6. Anyone else have an issue of both character and pet eyes not rendering? (some parts of character costumes also don't look as clear as they should) Noticed a while ago. It used to go back to a normal look after a short while, but doesn't seem to render after any reasonable amount of time now. This only happens in my tavern. Tried in open, and it appears to render fine with the same items in my tavern. Any ideas?
  7. I have never used charge beam for these bosses, so I was basing my comment off of mostly dps monk. (It’s been a long while since I have fought any of the three bosses mentioned also) I guess the majority used EV now which means you’re probably right about palantir boss.. maybe instead of buffing him, just randomize his spawn point. that would add a little difficulty to EV users and not really impact those who don’t use EV. Were WW bosses made easier within the past two years? I thought I read they received a nerf somewhere
  8. what size and colors are the glads?
  9. I am not really against buffing the boss, but with this logic, a lot of bosses need beefed up. AJ boss goes down (unless he got buffed in the past two years) faster with 3 AFKs than palantir boss does with only one player. I thought I read winter wonderland bosses were made easier recently also, which would put them right on par with palantir boss and obviously much more rewarding even if annatar accs get buffed
  10. I updated my original post with a new time
  11. For whatever reason, I had actually thought palantir accs were buffed with the same update that removed many accs from lab assault. That is, until I had farmed palantir a lot when I returned from a break recently and eventually decided it must not have happened. Definitely +1 here! I would absolutely love to see it
  12. Thanks for the giveaway Uber. This was super fun. I couldn't get away without archers like a lot of other people did lol Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113104899/ (old time was 9:39) Edit: new time 7:54
  13. Ending now, congrats to winners! - sir John and Senjinator please add me on steam (profile is linked to forum)
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