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  1. seems like I need to add to my pet collection more than anything. I watched a video that shows a new harpoon pet as well. In the past, seahorse, mega chicken, fairy, and cat were pretty much all I needed. Guess I need to grind out some pets before I jump into some of the maps from Update 7. The Harbingers smack me before I can get the genie down with a seahorse. Mega chicken doesn't seem to work too well either. Actually.. I just needed to run the map on insane. I didn't realize the harbingers were part of the mob count. I thought the genie was spawning those along with the tiny djinns. Kind of a wasted post.. Sorry all, but thanks for the input regardless! I was able to take down the genie pretty easily once I slowed it down and took care of the harbingers before charging in
  2. You mean people are getting more ++ from Infested Ruins survival than MB survival? (with winter mire and omenak being better than Moonbase too??) As for MM - why is that the best monk weapon? That is very difficult to farm. I haven't been able to solo ToP yet, either I also forgot that SL was such a big jump in hp boost. Guess I will ditch the fashion-defending lol
  3. To spin off this: Are these new maps and challenges known for dropping ++ armor? It seems like the only items on the trading forum are ++, and the last I knew, Moonbase was the best for ++. I am surprised to see so much ++ in the game now.
  4. I had a noob moment on Tomb of Etheria. rip.
  5. admittedly, I don't follow the other community discussion platforms. There are several ways to handle a chokepoint. The real problem is base-scaling for each tower. In theory, each different character could handle chokepoints alone, if scaled properly (this is assuming the DD1 issue with Ogres glitching through Squire and App walls is fixed in DDA, which I haven't played enough to know). I don't think a buff beam is going to open the door for variability in how you handle a choke point. I think the only thing a buff beam will do for your choke point is force you to place every tower at said choke point in a relatively straight line, or basically be deemed a worthless tower. One of the problems, in my opinion, with buff beams (from DD1) is that anything NOT on a beam would basically be destroyed in a fraction of a second in Nightmare mode, unless it was placed behind something else on a buff beam. DD1 forced you to either 1) put a buff beam under your entire front line at every choke point, or 2) create a tower health summoner that was literally for nothing more than making a high HP minion wall and a mage. Seems to me that buff beams actually hinder your choice in handling chokepoints (if they take the same approach that DD1 implemented) I do agree that the two offensive EV towers need fixed so they are usable.
  6. Agree with all of the original post. Copying DD1's EV is probably the single worst decision made so far. I would have rather seen a 6 month extension to launch date if it meant we could avoid having buff beams in DDA. As everyone else says... might as well play DD1 if DDA is going to have the same, stupid, forced meta. Good-bye creative building freedom... This is sad. I was all in favor for giving CG a break. After hearing this news, it is very hard to cut them slack now. Weird part is, it seems like almost the entire community is not in support of copying DD1's EV. I don't really understand where they got the notion that this was a good idea.
  7. In my opinion, this is the first fair explanation of why the lack of content is a problem. I still disagree that we as a community have a basis to be too upset when it has only been 2 months (especially considering the devs probably aren't talking face-to-face and developing together in a close, intimate space that would normally be conducive to faster release of new content). Obviously the approach most people here are taking (bashing the brand new studio) isn't working in getting better communication or whatever the real root desire is. Personally, I am glad to be able to play the new game, even if it is a little buggy. I am shocked that others are not able to find a positive outlook in this whole experience.
  8. I am not the one complaining about lack of content. I didn't play 200+ hours for multiple months in a row. I found ways to make the game fun and took breaks intermittently. As I initially suggested. What I said is not wrong. It is an opinion.
  9. If we boil this down, almost everyone here that is upset with the current state is only upset because you chose to spend 200-300+ hours in the first month it was out. I think any veteran DD player should understand that DD isn't a game that can inherently entertain you for 200 hours a month for several months on end forever. It is equally players' responsibility to figure out how to have fun with a game or go play something else in the meantime while content comes out. And any NEW player that is this upset over his/her first DD game, well.. You've gone pretty far out of your way to talk about something that isn't exclusive to just this studio. In my opinion the only valid complaint so far has been one of the price point, which is probably a little high. That said, understand this is basically a brand new development studio. Most (maybe all) of the main developers for DD1 are out. The price point is supporting more than just one single game that you all have unrealistic expectations of.
  10. You say revitalize the game, as if it is dead... This game has not even been out for 2 full months. Without knowing how DD2 fully worked, I think this mindset will not fare you well in DDA, nor DD1. If you're only after the best gear or most efficient builds, you are going to be on a "Hurry-up-and-wait" pattern for a year or more. Your grind will FAR outpace new content being added, especially if this is a new studio working out kinks for a new baseline of future games. From my perspective, this sounds like it is going to be DD1 all over again. To this day, most DD1 challenges or maps are not even worth looking at if you are only concerned with better gear instead of the experience itself. Most players who ended up playing DD1 for a long period of time had to find some other motivation to keep playing. Collecting odd items or using risky build strategies are two of the more common that I heard. Many people also decided to play the game while purposefully using weak gear to add a challenge to it. My point is... I wouldn't count on new DDA challenges being able to keep you busy long enough for DLC to come out if you are already at end-game of DDA.
  11. I would suggest making your own new post. Even if devs are still tracking this thread, your question is kind of unrelated to my original post. I would prefer to stay on my original topic, friend.
  12. I have a clue how to avoid it. Don't add EV to DDA. OR change the buff beam from original EV to a new tower with a different function. If buff beam was replaced with a different tower, that would open up Shock Beam as a plausible use of DU if they work out the scaling correctly
  13. This is actually very sad news. I had no idea the community actually wanted to follow the same heroes in DD1. This will just mean that DDA will come to a meta where basically everything will need a buff beam and only after years of farming will players get to a point where they get gear strong enough to develop practical strategies without a buff beam. That is how DD1 went down. Is this going to be basically a verbatim repeat with slightly different maps? Where is the community mostly voicing these opinions at? Do I need to reboot my discord account to keep track of this stuff?
  14. So in short, I suppose there will be no new heroes for DDA? That's kind of a bummer if true.. I was really looking forward to seeing what would replace the EV and summoner. I kind of thought there would be more freedom and a movement away from a meta-style DD like there is in DD1. Have they announced what year DD3 is tentatively planned for yet or the direction of what that game will be? Again, sorry if this was covered on another platform.
  15. What is the future plan for this game? How closely are Devs going to mimic DD1 moving forward? When are new heroes planned to be introduced? Will trading be implemented moving forward? If so, will there be a Marketplace Forum created? I see posts about the immediate future content planned, but I think it would be really nice to know the general direction the game is headed before really investing time into it. So far, I see a remake of DD1 with some new maps and a couple of the QoL changes that the CDT made to DD1. What is going to set this game apart and make it worth playing over going back to DD1? I really dislike Discord. Sorry if this has been covered on another platform already.
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