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  1. I actually only come here to see if the public beta is out already...so no need to post if there is nothing new. Don't rush! But don't wonder why it is so quiet. I am the same; I rarely post at all anymore.
  2. Why do you all keep posting? He's not responding.
  3. No it wouldn't Demonseye to tell you the truth it would be a simple waste of time to bring that to PC.. You don't need to flat out disregard his opinion. In this case, it's not a bad idea.
  4. Are you going to reply to anything in this thread?
  5. SiD in Sign -18 -none -none -arm guards of poison becuase they look super kool -Avengers because its a really funny movie Ended on the 25th.
  6. Too bad we can't have a pro mode or invest all for our semi pc leveled weapons. Not going to comment on your post, I just want to add that that is my favorite show, Hitmon. That was also one of my favorite episodes.
  7. Dude Nightmare just got out of beta PC players really shouldn't complain! Consoles don't even have a new difficulty. I think they need another difficulty more than PC. If you want a challenge do some nightmare survival mix mode Hardcore with mage towers only. While it's true Nightmare just got out of beta a month ago, consoles are getting Insane+. And we shouldn't have to limit ourselves to App. towers in order to have a challenge. That's just dumb.
  8. I almost always play Solo, and every level after the original game, you can tell it was made specifically for multiplayer. It's annoying.
  9. Have you compared PC App towers to Console App towers? There is a huge difference. Console app towers= Useless PC app towers= Usable, and you can solo most levels on insane with them (not afk either). Do you play PC? I just tested how much App towers were worse than Squire. Since Harpoons cost six DU's, I used two Magic Missles for each harpoon. I used the same exact build I used for Aqua, except with App towers. I started on wave 10. I gave my App my Squire gear, and, instead of finishing Aquanos, I got to wave 19. App still is not good on PC.
  10. Very big wall of text you got there. And I see that you understand that PS3 is suffering because of Microsofts "rules". I'm not putting TE down in anyway, nor am I sucking up to them, but console do have limitations. Once I see the freezing issue fixed, I definetly will be playing a lot more then usual. And I will probably buy all the DLC to support them. I'm sure you also realize that it's virtually free to update PC, and costs thousands of dollars to update console one time. If they did have plans for DLC (Shards, Characters, other content) they should have planned before and at least, given it a shot to try and put it onto console. Because, from what I hear about the Series EV and Summoner, you almost need them to beat most of the later Shards DLC. Console is getting Insane+, and hopefully that won't be a huge letdown. This will definetly add more hours to gameplay, and hopefully increase loot stats/upgrades as well. We all need a challenge once and while, and this Insane+ hopefully will do the trick. P.S - Trendy, could you give the Apprentice a boost for towers? Make his towers scale the way PC does, because some levels would be nice to run with his support. His Towers are just far under powered compared to the Huntress or Squire. Just two minor things that you said wrong. First, that was not a wall of text. THIS is a wall of text: dontknowwhati'mgoingtotypeherebutineedawholelotofwordshopefullyicanmakeittherewithoutanyspellingerrorsshoootitotallyforgottheapostropheondon'tohandthisisn'thowwallsoftexteither,thewordsarespacedoutinwallsbutithinkthisisbetterbecauseno-oneintheirrightmindwouldactuallyreadthisimeanreally;youreyesmustbebleedingfromjustLOOKINGatthisthing.iknowmineare.anyways,we'reapproachingwalloftextmode,soforyoupeoplethatactuallydecidedtoreadthis,goodforyou;youmustbepros.i'msoproud.GOODDAY. Second, App towers aren't good on PC, either. They're all-right, but no-where near good enough to be used instead of a Squire.
  11. You refuse to play a female character, so you want to make every single character the same? That completely ruins the whole, "Every character is unique," thing, so it's probably not going to happen.
  12. YES. That could make a new build for every class: The Suicide Build. You give yourself no health, no resists, only hero damage. I would make one.
  13. I completely agree. Junbao's Sun-Kissed Saber is my favorite model for a weapon, and it doesn't compare to any other Monk weapon.
  14. Could a mod move this to the Events forum? It belongs there.
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