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  1. Hi fellow Defenders! Since the last week or so, I've ran into some problems when attempting to end a match after wave 5 by pressing G. I wasn't opening the chests since the game autocollects its contents for me. However a few things happened after pressing G -Replay/Tavern/Town Screen didn't showed up, and I had to wait a few minutes then I got pushed to the Town. I also pressed I accidentally, and in this state, only half of the inventory screen popped up, but didn't go away (the one with the hero deck) -End screen did pop up, but got request timeout after clicking replay Also when
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, i forgot they doing an update on minimap. Maybe one of the devs will see it, and maybe they begin to fix it.
  3. Hi fellow defenders of Etheria! Have you happened to experience the minimap not showing on The Dead Road map, regardless of the difficulty tier? If so, anyone found something out the cure this?
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