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  1. true, i get 3 ogres at the north this afternoon so was wondering about this. But typlically it works really good, i only have 1100 tower attack though I have had this happen but usually still make it- just have to repair more over there. Might be you can turn more of the other towers that direction too.
  2. Have u try 3 or more guys? I haven't, but I think it would work with 3 if two people with guardians stayed with the towers the whole time, and someone else (squire maybe?) repairs.
  3. Can you tell a little more about dst placement? I seems can't place it such that they will all cover the both two chocks Usually for me, only the north two can hit the side (I turn them a little so they can hit both), but it still works out with the FB tower there as well. Almost all of the enemies come from the west.
  4. This setup worked great, made it to the end solo. Thanks ;) Even tho loot isn't amazing, it's sooo much faster and more fun than semi-afk'ing in alch labs till wave 20 and does still have decent rewards. Thanks! I was hoping someone else would verify :)
  5. what kind of drops do you get in umf2 in the last waves? I get to wave 11 and didnt get a single upgrade (around 1500 tower dmg now with 700 in all other stats). Will try this setup to see if it works for me! I've had a few pieces of 160^+ armor drop, several 200^+ weapons, and a LOT of trash. Typical for later waves is 190^ weapons and 120^ armor with 100+ to all stats. I had a great guardian show up in the shop afterwards, and have gotten some good 150^, 120+ all stats pets. Given that it takes less than an hour, pretty good return for me, and helped me gear up all my non-main characte
  6. Let me know if something doesn't work for you- I am not great at explaining things sometimes.
  7. Requirements: Mage: 900+ tower health, 800+ tower range - hybrid usually Monk: ideally 900+ tower health, 800+ tower range - towers only - some flexibility 1500+ tower damage is ideal, but probably you can still make it through several waves without it. I usually have 2 mins left at the end of each wave, even the later ones. App guardian (40+ power) - player 1 Huntress guardian (40+ power) - player 2 (player 2 is optional, but good for helping out a friend w/ less stats) --- Here's the layout: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=10517 Start on a monk, grab all ches
  8. It's under the 'lost eternia shards' banner, not the normal UI (Why is this? I have no clue). Took me forever to find as well.
  9. If you put up a magic barrier and a MM tower 5-10 units away from it, ogres will stop at the barrier and not attack it, (or anything else), letting the magic missile (or other tower) kill it. Presumably they are aggroing on the tower and ignoring the barrier as a result, but they can't reach it. Enemies will despawn after 1 minute if you go invisible on a huntress or find a place to glitch pathing. Many maps still have this- on UMF2 the ropes were removed, but you can sit in the opening just to the left of the forge (facing it) up on a wood stump there. To repro the health issue, start
  10. Finally- not only are the exploits in UMF2 fixed (mostly- you still can bug out pathing in some spots), but it's possible in really good gear to actually beat the first wave on NM legitimately (I am ok having to work my way up to the rest). It feels good- I can make one or two minor mistakes but not more than that, and I have to be very careful. This is what I wanted Nightmare to feel like. Thanks!
  11. That makes so much more sense, and in a way makes me feel better. It means both nightmare and insane should at least be a little easier than they are now :)
  12. I had mine set in Steam not to update. Crashed. Updated anyway. Went from needing ONE million XP to level from 73 to 74 to needing TWELVE million. **** you Trendy. **** you. I'm done. I am not grinding that on all my characters. That's the last straw. ****s. **** is worse than WoW. Yeah, this is how I feel >
  13. Level up to level 74 first. They just increased xp required by like 10x. yay. Serves me right for logging off. Subject should say 7.13a.
  14. Yeah.. this isn't dungeon defenders, it's pinball. The knockback on UMF is crazy. I almost get sick from the constant ping ponging back and forth. I don't feel like I control a hero anymore >
  15. Wrath Sales selling hacked items for USD $ right now
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