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  1. Ah, I'll try harder to be an ignorant member of the general whining masses next time. I forget sometimes, this is the internet! Stupid noob! :-)
  2. I have exactly the same problem. I've made a post in the tech support forum, which went without notice. Surprise. Did you make a sensible post corresponding your problems? If so then you probably wont get an answer. You have to scream and cry and claim you are uninstalling your game to get a response around here.
  3. Mine does the same thing, it will sit for hours and like 1 person will join it. My buddy puts his up and people are in and out of it for hours at a time.
  4. I use this.. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=4186 Pretty much impossible to lose.
  5. Hint: (3 man parties) Squire Guardian APP Guardian (optional imp / monk) Spinners Don't believe me? Try it out and discuss. Give props, squire guardians are not useless. GG new strat. Right......
  6. No it means you are missing a few things about the game. WTF does that even mean? Is it some round about weird way of trying to insult me? Because it sure doesn't answer my question or explain it at all. Thanks for wasting my time though.
  7. Im talking about this.. It has over 127 to a single stat, so does that mean the stat is negative even though it shows a positive?
  8. You have setbonus on. If it was higher without setbonus it would go negative. huh??
  9. Does that mean my stat is in the negative even though it doesnt show it as so? Or does that mean its ok and working fine? Will it actually show a negative value if it isnt working?
  10. Someone failed math as a child. Time to teach. I have a television I want to buy that costs 100 dollars. It is onsale for 90% off. Making it 90 dollars. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG worst troll effort ever on any forum!!! Just so you guys know you will never see or know the real values. they will continue to make stuff up and try to make us happy. In the mean time they will continue to make changes that they don't even understand themselves.
  11. Just updated: * Slight Uber Monster Fest Item Buff (about 10%), and 30% Buff to the Rewards qualities. They are trying to put a bandaid where they cut their arm off..
  12. There is only one reason they didn't add it to the patch notes. They can say whatever they want, but we all know exactly why it wasn't added. Its not the first time they "forgot" to add a nerf to the list or added a nerf at the very last second.
  13. And your post adds so much to the usefulness...
  14. You said patch in your post, prepare to have it moved an buried so no one can see it.
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