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  1. They didn't hide full pack. Mine said plain as day, buy single DLC for $3.99 or buy 4 pack full dlc for (save 25%) $9.75 This is straight from steam store when you look at DLC. Buy Dungeon Defenders Lost Eternia Shards DLC Part 1 --$3.99-- Buy Dungeon Defenders Lost Eternia Shards Complete DLC -- (-25%) $9.75 -- How can you screw that up?? Read before you click. Check the image and re-read my original post. I purchased the DLC through the Steam interface brought up by clicking on "Download Content" from inside the game. This listing/interface is NOT the same listings
  2. Just wanted to share a bit of an annoyance. This morning I logged into my system, waited for Steam to update the game, then logged in and went to "Download Content". New content was listed at the top "Quest for the Eternia Shards Pt 1." Thinking this was the new DLC in all it's glory, I quickly grabbed it and it unlocked the DLC. GREAT! :D Not so fast. Turns out I grabbed the wrong DLC. I grabbed the base DLC, not the "Full Pre-pay DLC". Now I'm stuck with the one mission, no Nightmare mode, etc. And in standard Steam fashion, once you have a DLC, even if there is another one that
  3. As another way to state it: If you have two similar weapons, one with lower base but more ups, and one with higher base but less ups... You need to take into account how many of those extra upgrades would be needed to bring the first weapon up to the base damage of the one with lower upgrades.
  4. * Fixed 1-byte Stat overflow bug, and Raised maximum stat cap on Hero Stat per Item to 360 Link.
  5. * Fixed 1-byte Stat overflow bug, and Raised maximum stat cap on Hero Stat per Item to 360 * Changed Pet XP earnings to 100% of earned XP, up from 50% Awesome news. :D
  6. Keep in mind my computer career is mostly hardware focused, not software focused. But switching to a 2-byte value seems to be a negligible increase in storage requirements (~16 byte increase per item, 1 byte per possible stat value). Would 2-byte values somehow destroy the performance of the game in ways I'm not aware of?
  7. The fact that this has been an issue since the games infancy and has not been addressed leads me to believe it's not a priority. I don't want to keep investing hours into survival (for that matter, any content) only to be DC'd, as has happened the last 4 or so times I've played. So you are investing hours into survival. And let me guess, you've got nothing to show for it? No gear, no mana, it's all just a waste? You wouldn't keep putting in the time if you weren't getting a reward. Deal with the teething issues, or move on to another game. After playing through Minecraft's teething is
  8. I personally really like Pure Strategy. It's you know.... Tower defense. I like that. :) I really enjoyed playing Glitterhelm on Hard Pure Strat. each wave I could make it to was an achievement. I finally got my hamster after many many tries, tweaks, etc. Then with the new updates, I can't make it past wave 10. Maybe I'm terrible at the game, but it seems something definitely broke.
  9. hard glitter..rinse repeat...4 runs = 1 to 70 ^^ This.
  10. I just wanted to say after reading the patch notes, I'm excited to try some more survival and pure strategy.
  11. WoW. As in World of Warcraft. Why are people trying to make this into that game? Why not just go play WoW if all you care about is a game that has the exact same mechanics. Rolling for loot drops? Stop trying to change DD into WoW. Just go play WoW instead. Either a quick sell button, or auto-sell of disappearing items, or no disappearing items seems to be the correct answer here. Not rolling for loot and a loot box.
  12. * All: Raised maximum Hero points in a particular stat to 100, with run-speed max stat rescaled to 100 as well So does that mean my monk will run faster? Or that his current 70 points in running is actually slower now, because he's only 70/100 on the run speed scale? I guess I'm confused on how this works.
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