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  1. thank you but that is kinda dumb that some people get it and the others have to w8 till the 21st
  2. i cant download the dlc kuz its bugged on my xbox if some has some help
  3. i am trying to down load the dlc and at first it said it was 320MSP and i click on it it changes to -1 then i try to download it and said it is 4294967295MSP so i dont know if this is the right forum to post on but i need help
  4. [QUOTE]gotta love how it seems like the same group of people getting in every week and when asked for some info about the event or anything half the time its just ignored[/QUOTE]i got in last week and not this week so that is not all true
  5. [QUOTE]Is there any reason in particular you want to get to wave 25? On console the giraffe is for wave 30 and the achievement is for wave 20. Have you considered trying towers/auras from other classes to supplement your squire defenses? Depending on your Squire's stats you might benefit from something like an electric aura in the front to deal with kobolds and mages before they get in range of your towers (as well as thinning out the crowd) and maybe an inferno or proxy trap to get electric immune mobs. It will be more hand on in terms of repairs but it should help quite a bit.[/QUOTE]i wan
  6. [QUOTE]guess no invite for either of us.[/QUOTE] ya i dident get one eaither =[ maby next time
  7. what is the reward this time? any one know
  8. i had slice and dice's on each stairs in the front and harpoon turrets behind them then in the back i have slice and dice turrets in back with harpoons behind them the back was perfectly fine it was just the front part that was giving me trouble
  9. can some one tell me what is the best way to get to round 25 like what map because i tryed to get there today and got to wave 17 but slowly the :skeleton:s were destroying my crystal this was on alchemical lab (hard) i would run to repair and they would hurt it so how can i prevent thins or is there a map that is easyer for what i am doing
  10. thanks trendyent2 had fun thanks for the wep now i just need to decide what to upgrade on it haha
  11. are you just supposed to add them or message them
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