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  1. Started for me on the the 13th if i remember correctly.
  2. video for reference https://www.twitch.tv/nightwinds13/v/115233341
  3. Ive tried everything, but rolling back my windows update, the last update was on the 11th of January so thats a potential.
  4. The issue im having is this.... I can open the game fine and play in custom matches, but for whatever reason when I try to host a shop my game freezes after 10 seconds or so. I have verified game data several times and also reinstalled completely. Whenever I validate the 2 files that it cant seem to validate everytime, it forces my settings back to 720 resolution and windowed mode, if I change these settings and verify again, it resets them everytime. The furthest I have made it in shop mode is to the item box before everything locks up, its not force closing the game but completely freezing.
  5. Im a fairly new player so I dont know all of the acronyms or items or currencies so please type things out for me, thanks. Like the title says, im looking for a decent supreme set for hero attack, non upgraded works fine.
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