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  1. Well, that's a bummer :( At least we know what's going on now. Thanks for the update!
  2. I see... But does this mean that when the CTD gets a full release, we get a new DDDK as well? It would be a pity to hit the modding community that hard (to not release it, I mean). :(
  3. Yes! Thank you very much! Grand help! It has put me on the right track! If, however, someone knows exactly where I could change "tower damage/hero tower damage skill" or "HP/hero HP level", I would love you forever :D Oh, and another thing: is there a way to use DDDK with 8.2.1? I mean the last version it works with is 7.47. How does one load total conversions into 8.2.1? cheers!
  4. Hey there, guys! The DDDK is a great tool but it is basically UE3 (or even UDK). What I would like to ask is how would one create a total conversion mod? Where does one edit the basic stuff of the game such as tower base damage or hero health/level? What I would like to create is a rebalance mod for singleplayer use but all I can do with the DDDK as of yet is edit maps. Can someone help me out a little bit as to where the basic stats of the game are located? Thanks in advance, Cheers, Warriors!
  5. I got into the editor thanks to you... did not know about this one... great tip! :D Now the hunt for the her stats begins... does anybody know where one could find the hp/lvl stats of characters? Because what's interesting about it is that (obviously), it was intended for map creation. Yet we, the sneaky little modding community who love the game, know that it has stats in there as well :D Much love EDIT: basically what I am looking for is to balance the game via damage/hp and tower stats. I would like to make the Apprentice useful in the later stages, so basically, I do not want to edi
  6. Well... the interesting thing is that the DunDefDevelopment..exe runs the launcher for me... I get the Exit/Play/Configure screen and if I press play, I enter the game... Just to be clear, I am not new to modding. I have modded juggernauts like Diablo2, Gothic 2, Skyrim, Red Alert 2, and many others but I can't seem to get into this one...
  7. I do not get an error with the DunDefDevelopment.exe --- I am getting the same steam initialization error with the Binaries/DunDefTool.exe (which, as I understood, is the UDK editor of the game). This is what I am trying to run (the editor).
  8. So you managed to run it in the end? Cause I have it installed in the same folder (steamapps/common/DD) and it rolls the same error :(
  9. Thanks for the fast reply! I have restarted Steam and still the same. See if you download it and if you can run it. Tried a couple of other things as well but still no luck :(
  10. Hey there, guys! Well, it's been a little while since someone has brought this up but it is time now for DD to return. The awesome DDDK has gone to the Steam Library Tools and it is freely available to everyone... The only problem is that it does not start... The error is the following "Steam failed to initialize". This happens both from Steam and from the Binaries folder (DunDefTool.exe). I have no idea how to get through it but I really wish to make some critical balance changes for myself. Steam is up to date and I'm running Win 7 x64. Does anybody have any idea what's going on? Thanks
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