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  1. The best advice I can give you is to wait for a patch, find easy and creative ways to conquer new content for gear. I forgot to add.. the most important part of that is to do it as soon as patches are relased, as Trendy has a huge history of: 1. Releasing new content that drops gear far beyond what they expected. 2. Releasing new content that is to easy to beat/farm due to cheese tactics/ect. They will notice this eventually and nerf said new content in some shape or form.
  2. The best advice I can give you is to wait for a patch, find easy and creative ways to conquer new content for gear.
  3. this map is actually VERY difficult now, i guess that was the intention. i only have success w huntress now, all other chars are garbage, but i need to test tower builds..
  4. way to easy now, gonna quit the game until i find a challenge worth my salt
  5. Every piece is mythical except one.. could that be why?
  6. if you hold the button down it should auto-invest it for you.. jeremy?
  7. Dont see where the hate comes from. Spiders can't even hit me unless I stand in one spot for 5 seconds. I guess afkers are having a problem with them..
  8. according to your poll most people disagree with you.
  9. Sounds good, I'm not familiar with misty builds yet though. No add invitation showing yet :p im at work for at least af ew more hours sorry
  10. I'd rather see joust not work either, and reduce ogre hp to the point where they're more realistically killable. At the moment, the only real strategy is punting nearly everything off a cliff, and thats not really the point. Even with full 60^ armor and 80^ weapons from insane UMF, you can't really drop the ogres with anything but dual guardian or joust. Actually, I'd really like to see one of them have infinite DU. The concern of course would be framerate/lag, but with how fast towers can be dropped, managing to build and maintain monstrous bunkers of towers would be entertaining. Ogres
  11. Im the troll? Hey, kids, try do UMF NM with a Squire. Then come back to tell if it's balanced. So your trying literally the hardest challenge on the hardest setting with probably zero mystical gear and you don't think it's right that you can't complete it? Do UMF Nightmare with a geared squire, especially after next patch when armor is buffed, then tell me if it's balanced.
  12. Joking with something bad like cancer. Hope you never get no one close to you with it. I have already beaten AML, if I didn't joke about cancer then defeat would be imminent. Also I just realized I'm typing this out from work. At my desk. Here at the American Cancer Society.
  13. I puked around 7 times yesterday, but this game is worth every gut-wrentching, heave-inducing, world-spinning side effect that it gives me. If this game gave me cancer I would still devour it by the hour.
  14. there is a seperate grouping section for PC, use it, not this.
  15. You can read patch notes yourself bucko. Not gonna post 'em for ya.
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