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  1. I hate opinions on the internet so imma post my own opinions on the internet!!!!!
  2. Argument Argument Argument this game was easy gg 2 ez game needs challenge Argument argument argument argument this game is too hard now bg 1/5 stars ruined dd going back to dd1 123456hrs argument u suck Argument argument rng sucks. Like wtf why have rng in an rng game 2/11 stars. Dd1 better because it had rng but this game has rng lol bad game 3/23 stars Argument argument argument argument argument agru mant And thats why this game is ruined and im quiting and never coming back and all of you should care because i am significant to this community and this game shouldnt exist if it doesnt fit to my standards (jk trendy, dont ban me pls)
  3. Yo guys i need some help dog. Im hearing a bit of praise goin about wit dem flamethrowers. Dealin that real good damage dog since if isn't a projectile tower maaaaaan. The main problem yall probably see is them javelin throwers and mages broooooooooo What yall think work well? I been thinkin ev beams or huntress traps. What yall think of them brooooo Or is it just monk flame aura? If so what medallion should be used sooooooon. DP/DH/DS or DP/DH/DC For the traps/beams/aura that is BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Ive been playing quite a bit of DPS apprentice recently to keep myself interested in the game while I wait for the big update, and I have come to appreciate the play-style a lot. I enjoy the mix between left click to regen my mana and stay far away as well as apply my magic mark. It is also very satisfying to run in and cast mana bomb and see everything explode. With it however I have come with a few changes that I think would make the class even more fun while still not making him overpowered. At least in my opinions. For 1, lets start with his 1 :3. Arcane Volley is an absolutely powerful skill. Not only can it lock onto multiple targets if the magic mark is applied, but it does a real big chunk of damage if you go AP and it gets a real nice scaling with HC, making my damage go from 69k to 92k and that's only at 707 ipwr. My only main problem is that the magic mark has to be reapplied once the target gets hit by arcane volley which is a real pain. It wouldn't be that much of a hassle but one can hold down left click and spam the 1 key often enough for either server lag or the game to register making your character perform the casting animation however no attack will be let out. This could get rather annoying and means you have to get a nice timing between when to press one and when to hold down left click. I mean i guess this can be cool and requires "skill", so I guess its cool and all but I think it could be applied better. Instead of the magic mark going away after being hit, let it just go away after a certain amount of time. I think this alone would make hitting higher dps easier while not having the skill be somewhat broken if spammed. Also the skill cant really be spammed either since we are limited on Mana. We will run out eventually which will make us have to use our storm helm and auto attack to get our mana back. So it would keep that nice balance between skills and auto attack while not having to deal with the casting animation that performs no attack. Also other ways of balancing it could be: easily lowering the damage of the skill overall, making the skill cost more mana meaning less casts, making the mark not last too long on an enemy. Or other creative things! Im not a game designer and Trendy has come up with some pretty interesting features so I trust in them to be able to come up with something cool. Just anything other than left click 1 left click 1 left click 1. For his 2, I actually don't find myself using it that much. Though I cant rule it out as being useless either. Maybe when things start to become more difficult after the update then it will be worthwhile since it will be able to completely hold a lane with stall which could be absolutely amazing. I personally prefer the Uber Tornado Sphere though since It makes an enemy turn into a turret, which I am totally for! So I would absolutely love to keep that going into the update. But who knows! For his 3, the mana bomb! The iconic apprentice skill! I love with skill with all of my heart. Though I cant say I dont have problems with it. Though they arent really serious, just if I were to redesign it I would love to have the casting animation to be faster. In DD1 it was just you press it, your guy jumps up and screams his high pitched "AAAAAAAAUAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and then theres a big boomie! Love it. As for now he all like "hhhhrrrrrrNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAUH". Dont get me wrong it looks really cool! And it is very generous that Trendy has you take less damage while you are in that casting animation. That and a combination of the Ghastly Halberd makes me take like 500 damage from an ogre smack which is very funny. But i'll be honest. It feels like it takes forever. I stand there casting, and even though it takes only like 3 seconds, An ev can come in and use her bomb, bam enemys are dead. Monk comes in and just auto attacks and dead. Same as GW. Squires uses 3 and bam, enemy is dead. I mean maybe Im just crazy, since those characters are actually OP so after they get nerfed, who knows maybe Mana Bomb will be amazing. But personally, I would much rather have a faster animation longer cooldown mana bomb in comparison to a 3.5 casting time 6 sec cooldown mana bomb. TL;DR - Arcane Volley shouldn't remove magic mark. Magic mark should go away after second timing. To compensate: less damage, cooldown or cost more mana. Tornado is cool i guess. I would rather make an enemy turn into a flying turret instead Mana bomb needs shorter animation! Compensate: longer cooldown. But i mean I still love mana bomb the way it is <3 Just if i could change it id do that Thats just me though guys! I kinda got bored and I want to feel like i contributed somehow to the development of this game. Let me know what yall think! I think I kept a balanced viewpoint :) But I would happily make Apprentice OP since he my fav ;)
  5. Oh my poor little heart </3 Say it aint so ;n; Apprentice must have something ;n;
  6. Nooooooooooo Now im interested!! At least tell me HD/HC or AP/HC or AP/HD I need to know! I want this!
  7. Oh i sure hope he becomes a thing this huge update! Apprentice has my favorite weapons and skins!! I love the terraria weapon for him and the scarecrow skingives him the cutest little head!! Please be good enough to deal with bosses and rollers! It will make me the happiest adult child :3
  8. Hey guys. What would the difference be between a legendary autumeow and a powerful autumeow? I find it kinda bad how you have to spend money on this and still have to deal with a reroll factor of trying to get a legendary. Is there any stat difference? ipwr bonus? or is it just a color?
  9. Hey. Yall know that one sphere lookin thing where those PDTs tried firing at it and it got all reflected and jazz. Yall think it will reflect Mystic's Vipers? Like her thingy isnt a projectile. Its like a beam of swirly gigs.
  10. They might have to buff her up in some way considering she has 8 dps skills. But who knows really. Maybe she will get unique accessories! (prob not)
  11. I have a few questions. Though im not entirely sure they answered it/if you would know the answer. 1. For the shards that drop. Do we know if its going to be a range that the shards drop. For example will we run maps and try finding shards that start with %5 crit chance rather than %3 crit chance. 2. The storm gear! I know from the stream that the terraria weapons will have their special skills turned into shards but they will be locked onto that specific weapon. Is the same going to be applied to the storm gloves and boots? Because I woud love to go farm ipwr 750 boots and gloves but if the storm armor will be like the terraria weapons and will be turned into shards locked onto storm armor sets then idk if it would be completely worth it. I will prob have more questions along the way xD Also if they answered these questions already im sorry for repeating ;n;
  12. I deleted my huge text of info I was about to post to Reply. Simply go with Squire's Blockade if you want a cheap 30 DU and rather sturdy wall. Abysslord's Orc wall is better for damage if you don't mind the 40 DU and using Abyss Lord to command it for maximum usage. Lol thanks for sparing me. Ill prob just use spike blockades but still make an orc waller.
  13. I have a question if you dont mind me asking here. Im stuck between which blockade would be better. I see with squire blockades that they have the high %chance to regen a chunk of damage dealt to it which sounds pretty nice. The only other wall i feel that fights with that ammount of hp and defense is AL Orc Walls since they have those two spheres that increase health by %25 and that shield sphere that blocks a large amount of damage. Does this compete well against the blockade or is one better than the other? Or is it just a personal preference thing?
  14. One day renaming will come. Also at one day i deleted 30+ maxed heroes to sort and rename them... I am at 50+ again :_D BUT they are in order now, except one squire. That would be so much easier to do now if the XP spheres weren't screwed up :/ Well said my friend
  15. God bless this man's words. For he speaks the truth and only the truth. Lol. Couldn't have been said better my friend.
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