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  1. I tryed to do a Fresh start solo but at the point were i reached Nightmare it got way to difficult and randome Mates were to overpowerd or just not helpfull at all so i want to give it another try with at least one more person so yeah if you are interested in doing a freshstart just comment down below or add me on steam :D 
  2. I couldnt come to the stream :( had to work. Who won? :D
  3. IC pls Just found it i am so hyped *-*
  4. very hacked ok thank you :o what a waste
  5. Hey as the title says I buy youre non capping Diamonds :D I am Buying 3 non Capped for 1 Double Capped ;) If you have some non Capping Diamonds just write in the comments, PM me here or Just add me on Steam :O Have a nice Day :D
  6. Item Check Please :D Thank you
  7. Would buy one or two tho think that could be worth in the Future
  8. Hey i am Buying Untraced event items you know because i am poor just tell me what you have and the price you want here in the comments, on PM or just add me on Steam cya Guys :D
  9. I need this one for my Barb :) just make me offers on PM, add me on Steam or just post in the comments i have a Untraced Mana Master the i could trade if you want if not just tell me youre price :D
  10. Dear Trendy...<3 My Name is Andre and you might not even know me, but you made a great Game and thats why i love you. I think for you i dont have to explain, that you are realy awesome and in some kind realy strange. The First game you made was awesome as f*ck,but with youre second game tho you didnt have much luck. Anyway i dont care about that cause the first one is so great that the second one is already forget. The name of the Game i dont have to tell you.., cause you already know about the game and its Value! I think i am not the only one who loves only you, cause you have a great community that loves you too! That should be the end cause i have no more ideas, sry for bad english that might here appear. And if this poem is not cheesy enough, i have to thank Oop for making me write that stuff. xD I am not only in Love with you and Oop, I also love youre super great Community. Also i should not forget to mention that, Acen's newb godly set making me clap. I thank you for Every map that you gave us, For Moonbase and even for Sky o Loves Madness... I played youre game for such a long time, and for some people this might be a crime. But let me tell you i dont care what they say, cause you are my love at the end of every Day. Actully i am not very good at english so i am very sry but i give this one a try :D
  11. Hmm will keep this Thread open till i have enough for a traced one but this could take a while i hope to find someone with an untraced so it doesnt take so long :)
  12. Hey as Title said i am buying an untraced Rainmaker for arround 35cvs its a fair price cause untraced should be worth like nothing lol still buying one cause i couldnt buy a Traced one >-< If you have one just PM me, Add me on Steam or reply to this Thread :D
  13. So i kinda realized that i was a fault and not nice to close the last Thread just for more stuff i decided to give the Gladius to the highest offer of 55 cvs to Kiwi who offerd at the last Thread. Again i am very sorry for my Fault wont happen again :/
  14. Why not just selling it to the highest bidder? Or was the price not high enough? The highest was 70 cvs but he messeged me at the 20.01 cause of my pc problems i didnt sell it at the 19.01 so he said to make it fair i should make another Thread and sell it there
  15. Hey guys so i had some some problems with my pc on the end date and now i will restard the auction in another thread and try to sell/trade it again for the highest offer :) Sorry for the people who offerd and for my english xD.
  16. Hey pls check this item for me :) i am about to trade it. I found it myself so i know its legit http://i.imgur.com/Dl8c9vK.jpg
  17. The end date will be the 19.1 3:00PM Middle Eu Time nad i will get it checked for the trade :D
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