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  1. I tryed to do a Fresh start solo but at the point were i reached Nightmare it got way to difficult and randome Mates were to overpowerd or just not helpfull at all so i want to give it another try with at least one more person so yeah if you are interested in doing a freshstart just comment down below or add me on steam :D 
  2. I couldnt come to the stream :( had to work. Who won? :D
  3. IC pls Just found it i am so hyped *-*
  4. very hacked ok thank you :o what a waste
  5. Hey as the title says I buy youre non capping Diamonds :D I am Buying 3 non Capped for 1 Double Capped ;) If you have some non Capping Diamonds just write in the comments, PM me here or Just add me on Steam :O Have a nice Day :D
  6. Item Check Please :D Thank you
  7. Would buy one or two tho think that could be worth in the Future
  8. Hey i am Buying Untraced event items you know because i am poor just tell me what you have and the price you want here in the comments, on PM or just add me on Steam cya Guys :D
  9. I need this one for my Barb :) just make me offers on PM, add me on Steam or just post in the comments i have a Untraced Mana Master the i could trade if you want if not just tell me youre price :D
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