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  1. Quick notes; Game crashed instantly on the way into Polybius.Performance is horrible, horrible, horrible. I'm running on a GTX1070 and a 4.8ghz 6700k, and am used to running at 4k with 4-way split at solid 60fps. This build was stuttering on every level. Is it a debug vs release build?Loading times into the Tavern are significantly and obviously higher than before - why?
  2. I suggested fixing that bug; was pointed out that it would cause a lot of testing an other overhead to just fix it out right. So I suggested this solution as a more controlled way of bringing gear rewards in line with effort expended (esp on survival). Whilst testing is always good, the worst-case scenario I can possibly see from this is 'You end up throwing away a lot less gear'
  3. Yup, agreed that the modulo-256 bug should be fixed. I can't imagine it was by design - there just wasn't any gear of that level when that code was written.
  4. You do realise Djarcas is just randomly bumping very old threads? Just look all of his commentarys... So? They aren't any less relevant than they were :)
  5. The loot drop system would completely break if you did this. Sorry. Would be fine if it was loot-less tho!
  6. That won't work - that just means that all the leaderboard upload hackers will upload the perfect optimal time. We tried this approach for NFSU:2, with a sliding window, so you couldn't post a time <90% of the best time ever - people just iterated the submissions lower. If you say 'There is no possible way that you can get more than 123,456 points on this level", then people will just submit 123,456 as their score. The leaderboards still being there is just a big dangling carrot to hackers. :/
  7. Not easily, the minimap code is based on the item's Quality, and Ultimate, Ultimate+ and Ultimate++ are all Quality 16. There's no reason that I can see, however, why the colour shouldn't be made darker for anything not considered an upgrade - that's calculated and used for Godly or lower, but the calc is thrown away for Myth and above - it wouldn't be hard to have a slightly darker colour or a circle instead of a filled dot for non-upgrades.
  8. What would you run on the second core? The game doesn't really have much that's suitable to shove onto another thread, and the game barely registers on my CPU anyways, no matter how many mobs I'm simulating. It's also written in a fairly ancient engine now, sadly!
  9. I think the game already gives enough advantages to 4/6/8 man groups without pushing it even further. Splitting the DU down isn't hard tho - just communicate, split the DU in a quarter, and don't spend more than your allotted amount!
  10. Are these detailed anywhere? The inherent item quality scaling of Lab Assault is far, far beyond any other map; I can't see any special behaviour code for the RNG/Loot system for this map, it's just set to drop better loot than anything else. AFAICS, the Treasure Chest loot drop code is a straight copy-paste from the DunDefEnemy::SpawnDroppedEquipment function, just using older accessors, with only a single scalar added: GlobalTreasureChestDropQualityMultiplier=0.95 Meaning that Treasure Chests actually drop items that are 5% less quality. Which is pretty dumb from a progression, gameplay and lore perspective :-)
  11. I've spent a while reading through the loot generation code, and there's nothing inherently wrong with it. The main issue is the relative disparity of loot rewards vs gear needed to complete the level. ;) For no reason I can find, the important numbers about /why/ there's only one useful survival map aren't anywhere on google, so here we go: EquipmentWeightingMultiplier=11.0 EquipmentQualityMultiplier=2.4 MapAdditiveDroppedEquipmentQuality=0.131, EqupmentRandomizerAdditionPerScalingWave=0.45, From looking at the (fairly tortuous) code, you can more-or less work out that Lab Assault has an item scaling of 26.4 - this is higher than any other map. Moonbase is EquipmentQualityMultiplier=2.2,EquipmentWeightingMultiplier=4.78 (10.5), and Embermount has 2.5 * 10 (25). That's then essentially multiplied up by a bit for hardcore, a bit for MM and then finally it's more-or-less just scaled by the wave. That final, single number ('quality', which incidentally could really do with being on the UI!) is then turned into the loot type. I have tried to do the maths, and work out which quality converts to which type of item, but the table goes from Godly at 8.5 to Cursed at -1000, then Mythical was hacked in at -4000 (!), which is about the point where the progression goes completely off the rails. Basically, your Roll is scaled up by the level, then the wave, then turned into Stats, then the game ret-cons those stats into an EquipmentRating, THEN it uses that against the hacked table of ValueThresholds, in order to set the Myth/Trans/Etc type. I would suggest that a Drops-Per-Minute addition, as above, would work well - X map on Y difficulty should have guaranteed minimum item quality, and guaranteed rewards of type Z - you simply have an increasing pressure to drop a new item of the maps' pre-determined loot quality. Tada, fixed.
  12. Out of curiosity, is there room here for discussion on progression? (The Godly onwards stuff, mostly). I've been poking around the source code a lot recently, as well as playing a whole bunch of split-screen, and I've certainly got questions about how the game is supposed to be played, as well as a number of suggestions on how things could perhaps be improved, but I've no idea if the CDT are only focussed on end-game content?
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