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  1. I don't see the problem. Nobody is forcing you to trade unless you want to. You can keep on grinding for the gear and get it on your own if you so wish. Worried about hacked items. Just kick the person that hacks out of the game or play in a private server with people you trust. People will always cheat or abuse if they can. I cant say I care much for trading myself but I do think it sucks that you can't trade the item with a friend that is in the same game as you as the item drops.
  2. You can kill it slowly by spamming the 1 key. Takes some time but he dies eventually. I would guess it is a multiple spawn bug that happens. To many mobs spawn at once preventing the mobs from walking down the path and then getting stuck.
  3. After the patch pets only increase their Pet Stats. Empower stats don't increase at all. Tried it on lvl 1 pets as well as high level pets. Empower stats is frozen. Even as you evolve pets the stats stay the same and will not dubbel.
  4. Since the game demands dedicated characters for walls / towers / dps etc I would suggest a reforge/blacksmith npc. As you reach nightmare you need to play the levels using a dps character and all the loot that drops got magical attributes that is connected to that class. So if I use a monk dps I can't improve my wall squires gear due to the lack of magical stats. So my suggestion would be to add a npc that can reforge the gear ONCE to another class. It keeps the main resistans/hero health / damage etc but the magical attributes get randomly changed. Maybe costs 5.000 gold or 10.000 gold. I
  5. Zutha I would say no. The problem is that trendy cant decide what they want/test stuff before they release it so it just ends up beeing back and forth. Tbh playing trendys game feels like a hacked/innoficial server where devs are just trying to get something to work... The sad thing is that you got to pay for it. Fun game but untill trendy know what they want with the game its a waste of time.
  6. Well my issue more is that trendy is forcing people to do the same thing over and over. I mean. I like I challenge. I like to grind gear and stuff I realy do. But so many times now I have had my work undone due to trendy cant make up their mind...
  7. Well are you supprised when they wont test their patches before releasing em?
  8. Well the "hotfix" patch got it up to 70% but its still the same issue. People's aura gear is now useless...
  9. Blizt no its not more then a 40% nerf. I tried to tell you in the other post. % values scales with your hero range. So it diesnt realy make a difference if you got 300,600, 900,1000 tower range. Your ****ed either way. Since after a certain value the % increase from tower range decreases drasticly. But the 40% nerf never decreases. Its a solid value. So the 40% easily cancels out your effective range. All that I want realy is a way to respec gear untill they made their mind up. I belive most people can live with the mana cost. its annoying sure. But you wont have to try your luck of findin
  10. you are not the only one. i too want item respec's. Well atleast untill they have made up their mind. I realy cant be arsed to play at the moment. The work players put down into farming gear. Creating sets and then. poff. Useless... I can understand that they want nightmare mode hard but still. The way they go about it...
  11. I maybe should have posted this in suggestions or patch but to catch the attention of other players Il post it here. My question is about the fact that you cant decide about how you want the stats to scale in nightmare. Example 1. Nightmare is introduced. You reduce the scaling of tower hp for traps/auras to force people not only to focus on tower damage. Sure fine its something new introduced. People need to farm new gear and upgrade with other stats... 1-2 weeks later people got the new gear. Then you release the news about nerfing the effective range by 40% and again you forc
  12. Im hoping for D3 in the end of jan :) Hopefully they havent ruined it to much... I want a d2 clone kinda :P
  13. I guess the difference is that now ppl will be using poison trap instead to creat a mob blockade to slow mobs down as they kill them instead. and Lightning tower instead of aura.
  14. Blitz but its odd when the difference between 270 tower range stats and 90 tower range stats = about 1,4 in effective range :o
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