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  1. i got a 120 soul focuser right now, just wanted another one that could be a lil better, but nevermind, if you are gonna be nitpicking like that
  2. lol, you know, weps that is 200^ is out, good luck getting more
  3. how much mana? i might have some 90+ pets also if you want, but aint sure if i still got em add me on steam, id in sig
  4. what are you looking for to part with this? im gonna play the new mode when i get home today, kinda hard to do on a usb net in a car, but i will be willing to make some good trades if i got anything that catch your interest
  5. 100 mil mana for both, as they will be crap when the new DLC hits the store later today
  6. ever seen those shops that sells a pet that is fully upped, but you wanted to up it differently, ever upped a good wep wrong, 1 miss click, the list goes on why not add in a future in the tavern, pay x amount of mana to respec the item, ofc you keep the mana already invested in the item, so it will have all the upgrade points, you can just respec it
  7. added ya, got some items i can throw in trade and a 100 mil mana for dragon
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