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  1. 24 for the barbarian.... thx, even if I dont win :D
  2. So maybe there is somewhere a thread about this but I cant find it out of curiosity: Why is the Art-Stlye in the original cut scenes so different from the one in the eternia shard DLCs... especially evident with the huntress. The old one looks (in my opinion) much better than the new one. Any thoughts?
  3. HI, I was just surfing YouTube for DD videos and got this suggested. Maybe you can at least ban him... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xm2JvjqqOM Payment method is: PayPal Email For buying: [email]pp.yanov10@gmail.com[/email] STEAM: yanov10
  4. Every year something like this is put forward, and it is always shot down because it is stupid. SOPA won't pass. And even if it does, we'll all manage to adapt and move forward. Stupidity is not a reason to not pass a bill… the reason they are shot down is because there are always people fighting for internet independency....
  5. Welcome to the club! I check the forum every few days in the odd chance that they revert the game to what it used to be; but yeah right. You can keep your ****ty grind and gear cycles trendy, I'm just telling everyone who hasn't tried it yet and sees it on my list to stay far away from this trash you call a game. I really, really hope you are trolling. Otherwise playing a game 220 hours and then throwing garbage like this shows really a lot about you as a person...
  6. It is also misleading to compare protal2 (on sales) with the non-sale DLC prices... I personally think the DLC prices are just fine, especially considering that you can pick which one you want...
  7. I already pointed it out in another thread but didn't it say "preaccess" nightmare mode? Why should it be easy doable before all dlcs are released and we get access to new loot?
  8. For who? Lol, we ARE the people playing it, and the primary consumer, beta testing for yourself? Great :D at least one person understood :D You got early access to NMM to test it and even it out till the last DLC is released. So correct you are basically testing for yourself... as the people are doing for Diablo3 for example... or SWTOR and so on... or do you think people who play the bata are not playing the final content? Of course I am a bit ironic here; the main problem is Trendy is not able to push out proper content fast enough, because they are still puzzled why so many people
  9. Is it really so hard to understand that you are supposed to do nightmare after the last DLC is realesd ? You are beta testing right now, so stop complaining...
  10. I accidentally bought Part 1, and went back to buy the full pack, but Steam won't let me because I already own part of it. Grumble. Contact steam, maybe they can take back your purchase.
  11. if it's 1level, 1challenge, and a PVP arena it should've been like 80pts, 320 is way to overpriced unless the next 3 r free this was a ****ing waste cause this DLC sucks I am really not into trolling but have to say it... did you ever went to your local grocery store and complained "I bought these bananas for $4 and thought it were 5 bananas! five !!! BUT there are only 2! two !!! because I am not smart enough to read the sign where it says '2 bananas for $4. RIP OFF!" Always read before you buy...
  12. Except Riot never sell power for $$$, which can't be said for Trendy. League of Legends offer new heros every 2 weeks and added a new game mode for free. They only sell cosmetic stuff that does not effect gameplay in anyway. Riot also pay their costumers for every mistake they make, ranging from loss forgiven for server problem, to free in-game money, to free real $$$ points. Trendy dish out new $$$ dlc that offer better items than what you can have, and new heros for $$$ that cant be gained otherwise. Oh what do they do if they make a mistake? They apologize on the forums then repeat the same
  13. We tried to get Valve on-board with midnight release, but they were too busy. We've submitted everything to them and word is should be launchin' sometime tomorrow afternoonish. Pretty please Valve :) -Jer So it will be evening or later in Europe :( But still great news :D Can't wait...
  14. Wow... the last seconds of the trailer... very interesting...
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