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  1. Was bout to say hey I'm looking for more players to but was like oh i play with that guy :)
  2. did Betsy NM4 dropped no Betsy loot and 1 ipwr gear in chest.
  3. Still doesn't explain why the Ipwr of the gear dropped in lvl.
  4. Cause now my Poison dart huntress no longer has any of her towering posion buffs and seems like my armor got downgraded in Ipwr. Which makes me very angry cause I spent quite a bit of time finding near perfect poison dart tower gear and I had almost all 700 Ipwr un leveled.
  5. Seems to be an issue with the spheres they do not cross over like you loose all your range dmg stats, etc, no mater the toon, so if i have a poison dart tower and have range spheres equipped when you swap hero out of deck it lowers the range, dmg and stuff to your gear stats only. Haven't checked if this affects ubers yet though.
  6. Just tested further seems to only affect monk serenity auras atm.
  7. Just tested this out but tower stats are not persisting after removing from hero deck yes i can build with all heroes but tower stats to do not stay the same once removed.
  8. It is a stupid decision, and I have sat trough all the nerfs and buffs since launch but this one will probably make me quit, but we will see. They really should focus on making the game not all about survival which to me is the most boring and time consuming part of the game yet necessary to acquire the best loot, and make it so top tier loot can be acquired on a really hard challenge or something.
  9. This is why dungeon defenders being a survival based game is a bad idea(steam d/c causes hours of wasted time as well as causes people to rage quit), which in the old days we had very similar issues and the community raged and trendy replied saying they they didn't not want to make the game all about survival and then came out with UMF where you could acquire top tier loot in half the time at a challenge. But when NM came out that became obsolete and it required individuals to grind hours and hours on survival once again. Now history is repeating itself how will trendy come up with a fix to t
  10. I don't think trendy cares how many patches have they put out now and this issue is still unresolved?
  11. Bump!!!! Guess trendy is going to keep ignoring this issue its not all that bad but it does cause losses on misty survival, and some other maps now and again which=loss of time and short rage sessions.
  12. Yea seems to be a random bug but when it happens at wave 25+ and no other waves before hand it really pisses you of that trendy has not noticed this nor put a fix in the last 3 patches.
  13. Been playing the game since release I'm very aware of that rule and always check, and gaps are not the case, they just phase right through the middle of the blockade colission detection is failing somewhere. And it's no other mob types just ogre's and DE but De don't worry me cause they can just jump over them any ways, but you can watch them too they will occasionally get stuck inside blockade when charging and then get un stuck and pop out on the backside just like ogres.
  14. This bug seems to happen rarely but more likely to happen when there is more than 1 ogre or a cluster of other mob types. Basically what happens or what it seems like is that collision detection is failing, and the one ogre pushes the other strait through your squire spike wall, also happens with bouncer blockades, an have seen happen with magic walls to, and only seems to happen with ogres and DE.
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