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  1. There should be a pop-up for non-host players that a flagged player is joining the game. The pop-up should ask them if they want to leave the session to avoid getting flagged themselves.
  2. First of all, I know most forums don't accept blaming & shaming modders/hackers etc. I'm just curious whether or not this player uses those and in any case, I can't even name this player because he/she doesn't even have a username! I'm currently in a lobby where the host is very strange: Usually I'm not the kind of guy who would call for hacks but this host only used a lvl 74 Countess for builds on Insane Deeper Well and wouldn't let other players build. Since I'm a lvl 88 mostly-builder monk I'd think my auras are pretty good and would be sufficient for Deeper Well on insane..
  3. Thank you ^^ I just downloaded it from Steam.
  4. Hi, I just tried a few hours to download the DDDK (without succeeding) to create a mod that could possibly go on the Steam workshop. I just wanted to ask if it was possible (right now) to download the DDDK, since all the links I found are down.
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