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  1. Maybe the devs could make a "1 player / 2 players / 3 players / 4 players" difficulty option. The number of "players" would indicate how much loot the map would reward. However the devs would need to crank up the difficulty by quite a margin for multiple players to balance things out. For this problem, either you grant loot to everyone but it can be exploited, or you give just the equivalent of 1 player loot whatever the number of actual players there is. Else, you need to give an option to all the playerbase to acquire as much loot without the need of extra controllers, account or an emulator even.
  2. I think it will take some time until we see actual console content. The reason for this is that patching on PC is much quicker and simply put: the game is developed on PC. Haven't tried to use a controller yet in the beta but if controllers don't work yet it won't take long for sure.
  3. Unlocking FPS is always an option in games. If it's not in the settings, just search for a bit on the Internet and you'll find something about unlocking FPS. ... This also applies to DD1.
  4. The game is so early it's almost impossible to make an interesting post... Just a comical and innacurate example of a post for the development of DDA: I think we should wait before complaining for lack of communication, at least near the release date (was it a beta release or full release?)
  5. Definitely agree with all you said, customization must not go overboard else we'll get stuck with a totally new game which has barely some Dungeon Defenders in it. I think if there are tower/ability customization there should only be one passive per tower/ability at a time, just enough to add some variation. I also think unique passives should stay more generic like in DD1 with some rare pets giving mana by attacking. Just adding a bit more complexity in some of the mechanics will make the game far more enjoyable for those who haven't played earlier DD games yet. Let's not forget that players are more critical about gameplay now than 9 years earlier with DD1, so keeping the exact same gameplay might not please everyone, and that's mostly why I made the original post in the first place.
  6. I've played DD1 plenty (played quite a bit on Xbox 360 until Aquanos then 150+ hours on Steam recently), even though haven't hit endgame just yet, and there are a couple of advices - or wishes - I have for DDA. However, I've haven't played DD2 all that much so I won't be referring to it. - Just like some other posts in the forum, a minimum "gearscore" or power level to determine the difficulty of X map at Y difficulty would be really nice for a more streamlined progression and less of a trial & error. - Definitely bring back skins unlocked via hard maps/challenges. - The visible armor from DD:E was really nice, even though it would be a good amount of work. While not necessary in any way, it was definitely a nice touch. If it's not possible for launch (mostly for budget reasons I'd guess), an update if the game becomes successful enough would certainly be appreciated. - A trickier yet important part would be gameplay - hero gameplay. As much as I enjoyed DD1, most people I tried to bring with me to tried out the game had a bad feeling about the gameplay and therefore didn't really enjoyed the game as much. Indeed, the combat sometimes feels a tad too simple. The dodge from DD:E was a good move from whoever was making the game at that time. Additionally, I feel the game could really get a bigger fanbase if the DPS/combat gameplay was more exciting. For example, a third ability, some movements abilities (especially if no dodge mechanic) for certain faster characters and one or two attack combos for melee characters would do the trick. - Another tricky thing: customization - gameplay customization - I love customization: I want it everywhere. It would be extremely cool to have certain modifiers/mods/upgrades/idk to make a certain tower type to behave differently. One could make it so the Fire Tower from the apprentice could apply a burning effect (damage over time) or burn the ground so enemies stepping on it take damage for example while another could increase the rate of fire and number of projectiles shot while reducing the range, size and removing the area of effect of the projectile for better close range defence. The goal is to give new ways to play the game and have more different playstyles overall. I also think such an addition as tower/ability mods could reduce the need of whole new Characters/animations/voice-lines and therefore reduce the cost to add a good part of the content and replayability. While I know some of my suggestions - I wouldn't call them ideas since I don't find them especially creative - wouldn't exactly fit in the first two games but I think adding something new without going too far wouldn't hurt what feels like a reboot of the series 9 years later the first game.
  7. First of all, I know most forums don't accept blaming & shaming modders/hackers etc. I'm just curious whether or not this player uses those and in any case, I can't even name this player because he/she doesn't even have a username! I'm currently in a lobby where the host is very strange: Usually I'm not the kind of guy who would call for hacks but this host only used a lvl 74 Countess for builds on Insane Deeper Well and wouldn't let other players build. Since I'm a lvl 88 mostly-builder monk I'd think my auras are pretty good and would be sufficient for Deeper Well on insane... But this player wouldn't let me do so and would fill the map with harpoons (generally good defences) and blockades. Normally I wouldn't suspect such a player of hacking but simply toxic behavior and wouldn't make a forum post if I didn't see his/her stat: - OP item: 1500+ stats on "Godly Natural Vambraces" - 300K weapon usable by a 74 character (so max Mythical) with a +864 tower strength stat (with only 50K mana value for some reason) - Other gear is poop at best (generic bad epic/legendary gear) - No Steam username (?????) So we've got an anonymous player with OP gear doing some insane Deeper Well with only, strictly his/her Countess builds in a way mostly new players do. I'd think players this level would use more "meta" builds such as the monk's auras; I'd think players with these stats would play some NM/HC; I'd think players this level with these stats would know enough of the game to let some good builder help them; I'd think even great items would respect the cap on stats; I'd think players would have a username at all, But no. I attached some screenshots of this player's character in question.
  8. Thank you ^^ I just downloaded it from Steam.
  9. Hi, I just tried a few hours to download the DDDK (without succeeding) to create a mod that could possibly go on the Steam workshop. I just wanted to ask if it was possible (right now) to download the DDDK, since all the links I found are down.
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