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  1. So, I've been playing Dungeon Defenders 2 for roughly a week now with a couple friends. We're able to complete Chaos IV trials now, and I thought now would be a good time to give some of my thoughts on the game so far. The Good: The game seems much more balanced than the first game. Nothing I've seen so far seems overly powerful or terribly weak.The system of hero gear / tower gear / shards is an amazing improvement. It feels much better than any system before it.I like the Chaos enemies and bosses - they're interesting, but don't feel cheap like the expansion enemies from DD1 did.Chaos trials are overall a pretty good additionThe graphics look nice, and the game feels smoothSo far, it's pretty fun! The not as Good: One of the heroes in my deck is the Gun Witch. She's a bunch of fun to play, but finding out she only has half the ascension options as the other heroes was extremely disappointing.While shards are a great addition to the game, they feel very unevenly distributed. I really wanted to get shards for my Dryad towers, but it turns out there aren't any. The huntress doesn't have many tower shards either. I think it would be nice if every tower had at least a couple shards.A bunch of towers feel underwhelming. It's difficult to imagine hornets being as effective as slimes, or flamethrower towers being effective as earthshatter towers (at least if the dps numbers on the towers are accurate). That's not to say I think there should be nerfs - more that some towers probably need a buff.Upgrading items in this game is - frankly - ridiculous. For how transient having any given item seems to be, the upgrade costs are absurd for what you get out of it. Especially for items below lvl 50. There needs to be some form of scaling for upgrade costs. Those are my thoughts so far, let me know what you think.
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