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  1. Not sure if  this had been suggested before now but here's an idea.

    Get rid of the ascension categories for Offense, Defense, and Utility. Let us use the ascension points however we like so that heros like the Gunwitch isn't just sitting on 50 utility points for no reason. Making us level  ascension three times just to get another point in the category we want is a waste of time. Ascension was created to reduce the need for multiple of the same heroes but  at lower levels, not having a dryad per defense is simply not smart. 

  2. @iamisom quote:

    From what I've read about loot progression, the core issue is that players do not enjoy or don't understand that they need to equip gear on all decked heroes in order to find upgrades. Is this correct? If we changed this to only drop based on your highest hero, do you think that would solve the frustration you're experiencing?

    My problem is leveling up is not as intuitive as it used to be. completing harder maps should ALWAYS drop better gear. I don't care about leeching or the impact that has because honestly how long would those players stay anyway? Too much focus is on micromanagement and not on the actual gameplay. We already have to spend way too much time sorting through everything after every map and now we can't get better gear without already having the best equipped? Just give us gear/shards/relics and let us play our way. 

    Dungeon Defenders was the game that brought me and my fiance together but she doesn't stay on the forums or watch every Youtube video to help her play. It used to be she could play her way and I could pick up the slack but now she forced her to play heroes in a way she doesn't even care about. 

    This amount of work is uncalled for even in a strategy game. We should be able to just play and have all the necessary tools IN GAME. Relying on forums and Youtube just to figure out what the heck is going on is ridiculous.

  3. @Soulstiger quote:

    @The Falcon Hunter quote:

    why does the megashark feel weaker than a sweeper cannon thats 100+ iPWR lower? It functions as bad here as in Terraria itself. High rate should not mean lower dps. If someone has a better experience with it pls post its stats. I feel like I'm missing something.

    Well, you're already wrong, because it's a great weapon in Terraria.

    Let me rephrase that. High ROF with low DPS is not my style. If you got a roll that allows for high DPS then please share.

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