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  1. If you go on 'item info' on the pet it will tell you the quality...let us know if it is a new tier! Its not a new tier just got a pet myself the requires level 93 to use but in the item info its just a ultimate pet which requires level 93 to equip so no new quality. What im wondering now is will all ultimates from now on be for level 93 only or what. Never mind just got another ultimate and this one is for level 90, so now we have two types of ultimates? one for level 90s and the other for levels 93s. This might get confusing lol why not call it something else isntead of having one qu
  2. EDIT: oops my mistake I was upgrading the wrong sword XD. Yeah they havent been fix at all ultimate E sword is still upgrading by 213 vs 304 of lower quality.
  3. Yeah just exported my stuff to open and checked the eternia swords, while my trans eternia sword melee damage went up by 304 per upgrade my ultimate one only upgraded by 213 at their max per upgrade. Good thing i havent bother to upgrade the ultimate eternia swords yet or it would have been a waste of time and mana. Wonder what other weapons migth have the issue besides the ones posted by Dragonsmight.
  4. Earlier on my brother and me were playing split screen doing the crystal dimension we were able to beat the old one but once the game was done I was the only one to get a reward for it (he didnt get any reward from beating the map of any kind.). This was on nightmare hardcore so we are just wondering if its working as intended or not just to see if we should bother playing split screen or not on this map given how hard it is.
  5. Yeah even if you can beat the old one with 3 controller AFKs you would only get one of the costumes besides the fact its hard as is. Also none of the afk controller chars get any reward items from beating the old one and you will be making it harder on yourself.
  6. You can still do jungle since it can have between 8k to 10k mobs, wonder why no one has complain about the one yet.
  7. Same here archer damage is the same for me, try checking your gear and see if you have change a pet, weapon or something?
  8. Monk weapons drop with the highest base between 7k to 9k cant recall but he already knows its hack since the player with it said so. Asking how to mod is against forum rules so dont ask Lenart and honestly no one will tell you. The best thing you can do is report the player at http://dungeondefenders.com/report-a-player.
  9. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/269/2012051400002.jpg/ picture of that supreme nosf. Seems legit though Its hack, only area specific items from the lost shards maps can have such insane stats of 400+. As for getting a nos higher than myth, I think you would be better off trying survival runs however I have only found trans from drops or in shop after runs.
  10. Ran Aquanos earlier got a pristine supreme at wave 22 and a supreme mail at 27 and I have found more supreme armor in the other maps since the last patch, I would say your simply having no luck.
  11. I have played jungle and I used to see at least 5 per wave, now im lucky if i see one every 4 to 5 waves so something is off there since jungle had the highest drop rate for the christmas weapons. Since the patch for the holloween and president day patch it has become easier to find those weapons drop than to see the christmas weapons.
  12. * Moraggo and Aquanos area-specific loot drops increased in stat potential to be equivalent to Forest area-specific items Not sure what this means... is mistymire and jungle loot better than moraggo and aqua? I don't get what they mean... In misty survival runs you are able to find area-specific weapons for all classes with high stats 300+ to 500+ such as the mantessa drop monk weapon or spiderarm app weapon. However if you played Aquanos or Moraggo survival you would only find squire area specific weapons with stats like those from misty (300+ to 500+) and all other classes area-specif
  13. well both are sold to shop :) no way to report the guy??? i still got him added ill del if there no way to report.... http://dungeondefenders.com/report-a-player give them as much info as you can and a screen shot of him having something hack would help things.
  14. Absolutely hacked, stats are random and are hard to tell. However, those 2 swords have incredibly high damage for their level. No doubt in my mind. Random yes, however only a few weapons can have insanely high stats over 300+ sadly frost swords is not one of those.
  15. no that is just 4k normal dps it dosent boost or anything it kinda pointless like 4k fire bonus the guy said it was rare but maby it not real :S *so both are not legit?*??? Yeah both are hack quick note the resist icon is a quick give away mainly cause they only have three stats up top never four and i mean never, besides the stats on both are not possible.
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