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  1. Yes, at their very core, Roller is designed to counter towers, and be countered by DPS. funny then why most hero abilitys dont work then, like huntress concusive shots, oil flusk abilitys, gunwitch bookdrop, iceneedle, broomnado, or everything from Abysslord, Mystics lash out, call to madness, dryads starfall, ect.
  2. is the bewitching shepre cost defender medals to get? yes 550, and you need a slow attack weapon hammer 1 or 2, if possible with element on it and storm gloves from assault on throne room defense, but lol this map can spawn up to 3 rollies.
  3. its not glitched, it was specially decided by trendy to not to apply power surge mechanic to trees thus dryad can build her defenses that do require tree. Was it a wise decision? arguable, but its not a bug. On other side if the tree wouldnt stay dryad would have it way harder to play power surge then other heroes, and new hero cant be worse then old!
  4. their dmg is fine, they 1 hit 20k hp with their jump! its their snore that does 0 dmg but just slows. But honestly to be hit by snore is as bad as it is already, perverts at trendy. ogres real problem is that they are balanced for towers dealing 30k dps(minus pdt), while heroes go for 3mil dps. We really need balanced towers/hero dmg/pet abilitys first before improving any bosses to account for bugs that exist.
  5. defense health. World's Tree´s health is increased by 4%-12% of your Defense Health stat. -> Can only roll on totem on other equip no tree passives at all possible.
  6. totaly agree the limitation of 750 ipwr gear on 6 maps only is stupid, while for "uniques" its fine that they drop in one map only since there are so many of them, for core items its stupid. And having 750 ipwr of uniques would be nice, storm gear, other weapons of 4 originals, not only AL has to have a unique 750 wep!
  7. usually newbies dont even know of the possibility of vote kick, thus its always old bored players that want to punish you that you play the game not like they like, ie creating a game with 0 req, or playing with pdt. Recomendation: look in loby for 1 other player that is not over 750 and ask them out!(actual asking, not random party invite)
  8. you have to make a FUSION out of it!
  9. btw ev2 is better at killing those anyway, since big boy kills also enemys behind you, while monk and witch could get killed from behind since they only attack in front. Another recommendation, idk if you use storm gloves on ev2, but i discovered that i can simply dps roller while the proc of storm gloves procs big boys, thus i need less aiming. Had to rely on them since i use celebration, this weapon is lol both projectiles make a bow around big boy and dont proc it if you target it directly XD
  10. roller made pdt meta even stronger, cause to handle roller easily you need extra DU for blockades, and extra DU is only possible with PDTs^^
  11. for 3 rollers i recommend assault on throne room defense, every 3rd game i have 3 of them in last wave. poisonous tips, dragolich and sandstorm are cheat too btw, since no other pet skills come even close to them thus we have same situation as with pdt and all other towers. And yeah with ev2 and bigboys 3 rollers are possible too, are big boys bugged? cause to have them properly explode i had to equip storm gloves, before they kinda disappered into boss and i was only shooting boss not big boy. Very nice vid though the actual hardship are the enemys from behind that nearly killed you while you
  12. i think its a great thing to ensure there are no public games! keep it going! ps obama had the nobel price for world piece given to him on the start of his presidental carrer!
  13. its a gamble, will the passives be taken out of our equipment and put into our inventory? or all the gear will just become clean and we will have to go look for passives? Since trendy didnt answer this question the answer to yours is a gamble.
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