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  1. Level 293: - 3 VE (2 from C1) - 4 Deadly Strikes (only 1 from C1) - 1 Shielding Guard (not from C1) - ZERO Power Gambits
  2. I honestly don't understand why there would be a cap. Trendy have already implemented a leveling system that is 95% similar to Diablo's 'paragon' one (aka literally infinite leveling). They could lower the XP you get from lower Chaos for being high Ascension, however, it would just be more irritating to farm for the shards you never get. P.S. I hope I get that 15% increase, or I'll refund my post!
  3. Has anyone actually gotten Power Gambit? It's one of the few shards I'm still missing.
  4. Ye lads ***ching 'bout not getting those crappy, useless shards, but the real deal be the infamous Power Gambit - yes, the most broken and elusive fish'o'dem all. Over 150 sails and me still can't get me hands on one of them slippery fish.
  5. xArcAngel iamisom Good observation. I was running with Radiant Power, however, I didn't even get close enough to the towers so it takes effect thus...the shard might not even be the issue.
  6. Right, fortunately this bug doesn't seem to happen that often, but when it happens it might become quite devastating! I am not particularly sure what makes it happen. I managed to get a recording of it, though, so I hope it helps! Map: Greystone Plaza Difficulty: Chaos 4 Turrets affecting the enemy: Flamethrower, Training Dummy and Frostbite Tower Shards in use: Flamethrower - Destruction | Defense Rate | Empowered Flame Frostbite - Frosty Duet | Deadly Strikes Dummy - Fortification | Sharpened Spikes | Shielding Guard
  7. Hmm...for some reason the Imgur site doesn't show the Pictures....http://imgur.com/a/WX9Wb here's the link to the original post.
  8. Yeah, I don't really know what might cause this it happened to me on Greystone Plaza as well, but as you may clearly (or not very) see there is a flamethrower attacking this enemy and it was doing no damage (I stood there for about a minute). The enemy was getting damaged only by EV2's Proton Beams and as soon as I removed them, the Flamethorower started doing damage again. Thanks!
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