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  1. Is anyone else having a problem with the colossus not attacking back against mobs? It seems that orcs can attack from just outside the Colossus' range to fight back. Both sides of the colossus have him getting smacked, but he's not hitting back. Either the Ramsters get the mobs or I have to run down and slap them myself. Meanwhile the Colossus is just blankly staring at the wall ahead.
  2. Do these values change at all when in a group vs solo? (I haven't done enough grinding on my own, but I know that playing in a pug is drastically harder than solo play at C1/C2)
  3. EV2 Proton Charge is amazing for melting full lanes of enemies. Don't place towers, BE the tower. It doesn't work on Siege Rollers though, even from behind. The Big Boy bomb is only on certain pieces of gear, which can make it difficult to farm. But it's a massive amount of damage, easily clearing a lane. This weapon DOES work on Siege Rollers, and fairly well. Also, wouldn't trade up buff beams for the ability to have even 2 volcanoes. I don't think reflect aura or proton beams are worth much, and weapon manufacturer is only good pre-nightmare. Lavamancer has the volcano, which can be a
  4. If you're getting wrecked by them, you need to go back to NM3 and do the incursions for legendary gear (and if you're picking up the extra characters, you probably should've gotten an EV for buff beams alone, but her "Big Boy" passive can do pretty good damage behind the SR). Assuming you have a Huntress or Squire doing your ranged tower damage, you should be using Toxic Shock Bow (Chrome Enemies) or Impaling Cutter Sword(Griblok's Horde). These will melt the little mobs (goblins, etc) while you focus on the siege roller. I've had limited success using the Apprentice Frostbite tower to slow
  5. I get best odds with the final wave of Assault on Throne Room. Last wave usually spawns 2-3 Siege Rollers. I run that place in NM4 a lot for the Storm Gloves (still trying to get Damage/Crit Damage, been pretty unlucky so far with AP gloves each time), and I've yet to see less than 1 spawn on that last wave.
  6. Well, currently the SR can burn down my squire (1k+ physical resist, 32k hp and 25% block sphere) depending on world tree/serenity aura placement. If it's just one or the other, I'll get dropped pretty quick. If they're overlapping, I can hold it indefinitely. I can hold 2 if the serenity aura is fully upgraded (20% damage reduction on top of bonus healing, for roughly 85% damage reduction and about 4kish hp regen per second). I can't hurt the SR at all, but I can hold the line as long as I need, and that's how I feel "tanking" should be. I keep the mobs engaged, something heals me and someth
  7. This is so refreshing to read! someone gets what I have been saying! I am getting so bogged down with the two camp on each side of the siege roller debate just completely unwilling to see that a he has both good and bad aspects to his implementation. I almost want to give up on it as its turning into purge evil vs PDT debate 2.0 which was a nightmare :D Don't worry Zimmerman, I think just like you, Sieg is something that this game needed, but not the way he is right now. I would be perfectly fine with the siege roller if but for a few changes: Projectile towers should damage it from behind
  8. My monk with a nm4 drop heavy weapon (lightning damage), crane stance and nm3 storm gloves/boots (rest of the gear is nm4 drops for attack and crit gets roughly about 250k dps under the effects of serenity aura/world tree/hero boost I can hit about 250-280k dps on a dummy. I don't have any special dps boosting pets or anything, but between my monk dps and my roommate spamming big boy (250k-ish a blast) we've destroyed siege rollers in 10-15 seconds. It helps to be pretty much inside the engine compartment thing when you're attacking (the weak point).
  9. Well, after breaking about IPWR 650-700 gear from running the Unholy Catacombs incursion repeatedly, my roommate and I set up a pretty decent system for taking out the Siege Rollers. I can finally out-regen the damage from rollers, so I can effectively keep one stuck in a lane while he burns all of the other mobs down. I can out-repair a maxed out blockade if it's buffed with my monk boost aura (24.6% Damage reduction, 25% bonus blockade Hp) and my dryad world tree (chance to shield blockades from damage, and bonus blockade Hp). Between the 2 of us, a worst case scenario is 3 siege rollers. I
  10. I've found a weird behavior with the Siege Roller. Using a Tanking squire (Physical/magical resistance priority, health regen and unholy fire) I normally am capable of holding a group of enemies, or at least slow them down by playing linebacker in a lane. I use this with Fight Me Not and the blocking bonus sphere. It was a little risky doing that with the siege roller at first, but I found that stacking World Tree and maxing out Serenity aura gives me just enough health regen and damage resistance to bounce back from SR grinding on me like a barricade. What ends up happening is the SR slides/s
  11. Is there a Dragolich egg? Some of us didn't get the monthly when it was available.
  12. I have no issues with my squire. Are you using the shield block sphere? Maybe your friend using an abyss lord with withering fountain can help. I haven't used the block sphere, I use 400 movement+ 133% provoke speed. Helps me run around, since my tank pet is the 400% attack shield on defenses, lets me do emergency repairs (my attack is 9999 on squire, helps mitigate damage and I hoped it would let me keep the towers from exploding when the SR runs over it. Spoiler Alert; it doesn't.). We might try the withering fountain, but even with 20% reduction on top of the extra healing I'm not confiden
  13. Big Wall o' Text inc. My roommate and I were just breaking into NM4 when the siege roller came out. I've got one of every character at 50, with an extra Monk and EV (also 50). My roommate (all between IPWR 580-600) uses: Tower HP squire for blockades, with the biggest Hearty Blockade passive he can find, Tower attack/crit PDT Huntress (Toxic Shock). He's currently leveling a second EV for buff beam, but his primary dps Hero is an EV with Mag'manus Shooter (Hero damage and ability power) and Big Boy. I use (IPWR 620-650): Tower HP Dryad (buff his blockade hp and our hero damage with
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