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  1. yes when i start AFK shop it freeze . and when i'm creating my game it also freeze !
  2. can someone tell me why my DD1 keep on not responding ? it happen alot of time already and i have to keep restarting my comp/steam to play again !
  3. hi ! i'm buying coal for 10b eac need about 19 of them !! will be paying in mana . pm me if u willing to sell thank you !
  4. i would like to trade Double Capped Diamond for 5 Small diamond !!
  5. Can anyone tell me what is the price of small diamond??
  6. [Ger] Michili actually just said they don't have a complete set. I do, though, so if you two add me on steam I can lend you each the set :) Actually, add my alt account instead: http://steamcommunity.com/id/auriboat/ That's my storage account, and she can lend you the items :) thanks for the offer ! someone lend me the set already!
  7. oh thanks ! if u have a full set can u lend it to me? or those pet u have it?
  8. Buying full set Achievement pets ! i buying in coal and cube ! thank you for reading this post !
  9. Buying Dps set for jester ! tell me stats and price thanks !
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