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  1. Internet is not a problem with me. I play a multitude of games and literally DD2 is the only one with a connection problem. I have zero problems with other games.
  2. I get what hes saying and I'm confused about this as well. How do mods like Orcs explode for % health as dmg work on boost defenses sinse they do no dmg or does it add to other towers?
  3. This issue seems to be more wide spread then Trendy wants to admit. I have the same problem as you. Processor: AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor 3.50GHz RAM: 8GB System: Windows 8.1 64bit GFX Card: Radeon R9 4GB Location: East Coast USA Wireless Card: Intel Dual Band AC 7260 Download: 75mb Upload: 20mb
  4. I have a similar problem with the mod for towers that reverts then 1 level with 33% health after being destroyed. It just dosent work.
  5. Processor: AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor 3.50GHz RAM: 8GB System: Windows 8.1 64bit GFX Card: Radeon R9 4GB Location: East Coast USA Download: 75mb Upload: 20mb Start: Launched game from Steam. Login takes around 2-3min every start. Gameplay: Solo making a private or public room it will 100% fail to start a session and time out. Second try works fine. Also times out first try when joining a already made room. End of map any choice besides next map will cause the session to time out and you will have to wait for the timer to countdown and auto change maps. After a new map loads go to avern
  6. This is also happening to me. Very annoying issue. Login takes around 2-3min. When starting a session it 100% fails and times out the first try. Second try works fine. Then after the map is over selecting anything but next map it times out and you have to wait for the countdown timer to expire and load the next map before go to tavern/town will work. PC version only the PS4 version works fine. Happens on my desktop and laptop.
  7. This really needs to happen. I play on PS4 and PC but having to buy heros/costumes on both prevents me from buying anything on either platform. You need to look at the success of other free to play games like the popular Fortnite. They would of been just another Battleroyale game but cross play and cross progression really helped them out. People can play where they want when they want.
  8. Is cross save ever going to be a thing? I recently fixed my PC and switching from PS4 but this is one game I do not want to start over and lose $90 worth of chars and cosmetics. Cross save is a amazing feature that I love in newer games and constantly use and would love to see it here.
  9. Yea playing as a Gunwitch hurts. I loved all the skills and boss cc but the relics rarely drop. Some maps I wont see a single relic others ill see 1-2 relics. Takes me 4 or 5 times longer to move up each tier just because of the tower relics not droping.
  10. Restating didnt help but for some reason restoring license did.
  11. I cant try any maps at all now. I get that same error every time. This happened right after I beat hard mode Harbinger.
  12. So after trying to find a spot to farm exp for my other chars I tried hard mode Harbinger. Now I cant play ANY matches because of this little gem. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DC9JmniXYAEFR33.jpg Under capacity servers now when I do get in I still can not play. Wonderful.
  13. Game is a sinking ship. Bought the $75 collectors edition before launch and now I cant even play the game. Servers are always full so I cant get in. Its mind boggling how Trendy didnt see they needed to upgrade thier servers when every patch they over loaded now with a free launch its 100x worse.
  14. I first joined when ilvl gear was a thing and started fresh with Trials because why not it's a test right? This new system is nothing but a Korean mmo grinder scam. Keep gold values as low as possible and make upgrading gear very expensive and required to advance. This way people spend their free medals on upgrades and not chars or cash shop items to end up buying more gems. It is just not possible to play this game fresh. You can not upgrade 32 pieces of gear at 150k-500k when your only getting 10-15k a win. That's only for one char for 4 chars that's 128 pieces of gear. I shouldn't ha
  15. Sounds like a very serious bug please report it to: https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/
  16. I wish they would bring back ilvl gear by chaos level. It could mix really well with shards and could bring back special weapons/gear. The current loot system is extremely hard on new players.
  17. The gold rates were never changed with the Trials update to reflect the new gear. This is a huge newbie mistake on Trendys part. They increased gold costs with gear and shard upgrading while keeping the gold gained values that reflected upgrading a few skills. It's like they completely forgot to readjust the values to reflect the new system.
  18. Go to the Seamstress and open up her menu then hit R1 to go to your wardrobe. Select Xiao and then select the Shinobi Infiltrator costume and you shod be able to select different costume parts. This is currently working fine e for me.
  19. It's insane that to max one piece of gear you need 350k gold and you only earn 10-20k gold a win. Now times the price of upgrading times 10 for all your gear and then another 22 times for all the shards and your looking at a life sentence in Chaos 1 tier all for only 1 character. Starting out fresh in this game is nearly impossible. I accuse this horrid loot system that's in place forcing you to max your gear before you can get better gear drops in higher tiers.
  20. I think only the collectors pack has tower skins. Looked up the defenders pack and didn't see anything about tower skins.
  21. Meh :\ I got the whole week for myself so I could give you a hand, next week not so much but I can try :| srry im back 18 april ish... but im glad to know i can get some help... ill continue grinding ascension today , 65 now and counting + i got all chaos terra weapons heropower 900+ so slowly im getting there ... yeah i have been grinding my behind off 😂 i do complain and still suggest gold increase but for the sake of progress i keep on going for stuff that is not gold like soul of night and ascension Ignore those Terraria weapons tbh. :P They look cool but without a "Transmog" system th
  22. PS4 version really needs a highlighted color option on choices, the 10% size difference just dosent cut it. Unless you are staring at the choice options and dont blink that small size change is barely noticeable and then factor in lag and you might not change your choice at all. I have lost gems on locked boxes when I had keys because that crappy option still pops up. I have lost fully upgraded shards on gear when selling because I move the stick left to select no too fast and it dosent move. So now I have to leave groups then sit in town and move the choices around multiple times just to ma
  23. They were supposed to launch in 2016 but that didn't happen. With the bugs and ever changing game mechanics that need balancing and devs leaving. The ilvl gear will probably return and mix with the current system that will take around 3 -5 months. If split screen is fixed that will take a few more months on just that or they will give up and remove it. I would say another year at the very least.
  24. Same happens to me and can see the light is a solid green on my hdd meaning its not pulling any data.
  25. I think it's just the costumes you might need to buy the chars too. If you have the chars go to the woman that sells costumes and hit R1 I think to change to wardrobe.
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