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  1. i seckond this the geodes makes projektile towers horrible to waste DU on if the shield had 3 charges (1 charge per shot reflekted) then shield goes down for 5-8 sec the mekanic of the geode should still be intakt and projektile towers shoud become viable
  2. please trendy before release add so we can acces inventory during waves in private game, reason cause sorting and going trough all shards is boring and i might as well be doing it while im farming chaos 3 for the deadly strikes shard best regards and thnx for all you have done so far
  3. oh and re instate the original tower ranges and remove the range shard completly since its kinda a manditory shard and it simply ruins the fun in balistas. if you want to max range gett it trough asencion and decide how mutch defence power you wana sacrifice for that extra range
  4. Exelently deduced ^^ on some other fix notes make it so i can open inventory and sell items during combat face atleast in private games trade items whit friends in friend list woud be nice like shards and stuffs and remove/reduce droprates of shards from heroes i dont own like lavamancer summoner gunwitch and dryad as in my case since i dont want to find those shards yet also c1 shoud always drop 2 c1 chards atleast and preferebly none of the standard shards since they almost always suck and you can farm hard for those, same for c2 c3 and so forth c2 = 2 c2 shards < and c3 2 c3 < and so
  5. Reflect beams is my favorite funktion a little pricey but daaam its fun
  6. it woud actually be nice if the game had a 3v3 or 5v5 herosiege mode where you can buy troops to increase income and build towers but it woud be a nightmare to balance i think
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