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  1. I started playing this game last week and I LOVE IT! I couldn't believe I had never heard of this game until now. When I started the game I had no idea how to play, the tutorial didn't work and brought me straight to the tavern, were the war table was also bugged and I couldn't press E on it so I had to restart my game. BUT THAT'S OK! Because after I logged back in I had a black screen that lasted a long enough time for me to catch up on some YouTube videos that I was dying to watch! Thanks for giving me the time to do so! Unfortunately, I couldn't connect to the server no matter how many times I tried going to town, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the game. BUT THIS TIME IT WORKED!... A little better because I was finally able to get into town. However, my dinosaur of an Alienware x51 just wasn't able to run the game. So I had to play on the lowest graphics and windowed to try and stop the frame drops. But this game just showed me that it was high time to get a new PC because I was still experiencing lag and frame rate issues! I've got to thank Trendy for that wake up call! But none of that is really important, because after many many numerous tries I was able to get into a game, and the game was a great experience. I really enjoyed playing the campaign, setting up towers on various maps, learning which towers went well together. It was truly fun realizing that the apprentice flame tower could catch enemy's on fire if I threw an oil flask from my Huntress. Or that using a shock trap after dousing the enemy's in water from a geyser trap would get this cool shock effect to help slow enemy's. The game was constantly bombarding me with new loot, giving me pets and various skill effects, and new maps that forced me to change up my game plan every level. I really enjoyed those first few hours.

    Once you beat the campaign is where the fun really starts! All the fun you had trying out tower combos and swapping between your hero's, throw all that *** out! You won't need it :D! The best way to play is to just set up a PDT, stack your squire out with Defense health, and only equip your monk with a specific weapon to use a specific skill on your serenity aura. Welcome to the meta! Watch as the enemy's explode as soon as they step out of the spawn leaving you to twiddle your thumbs and alt tab to that Netflix show you've been meaning to watch! Kill two birds with one stone :D! But don't get too comfortable, Trendy just released an extra exciting new feature to the game to keep you on your toes, The Siege Roller! This ingenious new enemy has tons of health that you won't be able to get through with your low ipwr, destroys all the traps you shouldn't have set because that's not meta, and completely negates the tower damage of this game you thought was a tower defense game! Watch as this well thought out enemy spawns in any lane with a weapon that shoots over those walls you spent one character dedicated to, and straight on to the core! But watch out! If they hit your character while you're not playing a tank, you will die in one shot! Exciting! Never a dull moment in this game as everything could be going perfectly fine, then 3 of these guys show up at home stretch! Trendy does a great job of reminding players to never be complacent, and that RNJesus hates us all equally! But don't worry my fellow new warriors, as the Forums are filled with information to help you combat these treacherous foes. All you have to do is check the latest post were a player with 1000+ Hours, 750+Ipwr, the best gear and knowledge of were to get it, will tell you to use this character you don't have, with a gear set you can't earn, and various strategies you can't implement. And when those obvious factors are finally relayed to them, wait in excitement for them to reply "find someone to help you!" :D! Isn't that great! Now instead of playing yourself, you can WATCH as someone plays the game for you! Just so that, one day, you'll be able to play the game yourself! Possibly!

    If you had any doubts about trying this game, put them away my friend! Assuming you account isn't bugged to unplayability like countless others from a bug that spans back 6 months ago, you're going to enjoy the heck out of at least 8 hours of a great campaign! Then you can enjoy at least 5-6 NM4 waves before RNJesus reminds you that you're unloved and that you must sacrifice your enjoyment to appease him like the others before you :D! GL and HF!

    Oh and about that bug! Don't bother trying to send a support ticket, because they'll just reply that they're aware of the bug and would really appreciate you sending your logs so they can continue the 6 month investigation! But hey, at least you'll get a timely response!

  2. Day 4 of playing this game. I thought I could deal with the siege rollers but I'm realizing I was just over geared for the instance I was doing. Now I'm back to square one, and only nightmare 2. I don't have the damage to down the rollers and I can't get gear to level my guys because I can't down the roller. Especially when two spawn at the same time. I think it's idiotic that I have to ask for "help" aka watching people play the game for me. But that's the only way for me to progress.

  3. @linkinitup quote:

    Why do you want an earth damage pet? I'm new, sorry. Just hit 50 two days ago and the siege tanks on NM1 are no problem for me solo. I had two spawn at once in the same lane and they barely scratched my walls. I'm sure it gets harder on NM4 but as a "new" player siege tanks don't bother me at all. So far pretty easy.

    He said with 567 post? Not sure how many "New" players frequent the forums to that extent...

  4. @Slagk quote:

    Shouln't say "find friends" that same as telling a person who only plays group to play solo. This game is made for both solo and group play. Real advice is re-do some campaing maps to build a dps char such as monk, get a pet with earth dmg roll and poison tips/sandstorm ability and you will get the tanks down in no time.

    I didn't know pets rolled with an element or abilities... How do I check/upgrade them?

  5. @Nefhith quote:

    Hakuna your tatas, buddy.

    Find a few friends, use frostbite towers, place double blockades... There are quite a few ways to slow him down/buy some time. If your game is ruined so easily, you might consider playing other games, or sticking to lower difficulties to get better gear (sometimes, you don't always exit campaign perfectly geared to jump into nightmare, you might consider replaying other maps to get some better stuff!).

    Yeah this was more of a frustration post, after an hour of "I must be missing something" I found just placing and repairing a wall infront of him was a good way to stall him. It also made me realize i needed to upgrade my gear to actually do damage while he was being stalled. That thing was ruined about 2 hours of play, but I've figured it out.

  6. This thing is ridiculous. Why is it able to spawn anywhere on every map? I play solo as it is, now that's impossible for me to do. I was really enjoying this game up until I beat the campaign and started doing defense where I first ran into this thing. Honestly ruined the game for me. That and the myriad of bugs this game has.

    Edit: I don't want to play with other people. But I've found ways to deal with the Siege Roller. "Git gud" was solid advice. Rereading this post, sounds real salty in hindsight.

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