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  1. I started playing this game last week and I LOVE IT! I couldn't believe I had never heard of this game until now. When I started the game I had no idea how to play, the tutorial didn't work and brought me straight to the tavern, were the war table was also bugged and I couldn't press E on it so I had to restart my game. BUT THAT'S OK! Because after I logged back in I had a black screen that lasted a long enough time for me to catch up on some YouTube videos that I was dying to watch! Thanks for giving me the time to do so! Unfortunately, I couldn't connect to the server no matter how many time
  2. Day 4 of playing this game. I thought I could deal with the siege rollers but I'm realizing I was just over geared for the instance I was doing. Now I'm back to square one, and only nightmare 2. I don't have the damage to down the rollers and I can't get gear to level my guys because I can't down the roller. Especially when two spawn at the same time. I think it's idiotic that I have to ask for "help" aka watching people play the game for me. But that's the only way for me to progress.
  3. Theres an earth shatter sphere that gives 15% knock up chance but also an armor skill that does the same. Does that give me a 25% chance?
  4. He said with 567 post? Not sure how many "New" players frequent the forums to that extent...
  5. I didn't know pets rolled with an element or abilities... How do I check/upgrade them?
  6. Yeah this was more of a frustration post, after an hour of "I must be missing something" I found just placing and repairing a wall infront of him was a good way to stall him. It also made me realize i needed to upgrade my gear to actually do damage while he was being stalled. That thing was ruined about 2 hours of play, but I've figured it out.
  7. This thing is ridiculous. Why is it able to spawn anywhere on every map? I play solo as it is, now that's impossible for me to do. I was really enjoying this game up until I beat the campaign and started doing defense where I first ran into this thing. Honestly ruined the game for me. That and the myriad of bugs this game has. Edit: I don't want to play with other people. But I've found ways to deal with the Siege Roller. "Git gud" was solid advice. Rereading this post, sounds real salty in hindsight.
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