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  1. Since there has been new bid the auction has been extended by 24 hours.
  2. Bought an animorphic ember from a shop recently and it had 825 health, seemed weird and i want to know if its hacked or if its possible
  3. Haven't had time to do get on for a while, happy too borrow a set tonight if anyone is willing.
  4. If someone is lending heir set I'd love to borrow it too :)
  5. Nightwinds if you upgrade the pieces yourself make sure you do it correctly, ,there is a great calculator on ddfrbr's website where you enter the stats of the piece and it tells you exactly how to upgrade it in the best way possible.
  6. Jester is pretty bad for killing bosses generally, I would recomend you to make a DPS monk or barbarian which will kill it alot easier with alot worse gear.
  7. Pretty sure you are not allowed to publicly name and shame people. :-) He's banned from my auctions because he refused to buy the item he won in an auction and he went back and lowered his bid and then removed it on another auction without even talking to me first.
  8. Nils

    Item Check Thread

    http://i.imgur.com/pYtTDQ1.jpg IC please. Uncensored sent to Acen.
  9. Got this spar not too long ago which almost caps in ab2. It is white and size is medium/small I would say. http://i.imgur.com/pYtTDQ1.jpg Currencies accepted coal Cube 6:1 Diamond 4/9/15 End date: 14th of January C/O: 10 cv - Meh_Cookies IC: http://i.imgur.com/pYtTDQ1.jpg SupHomie is banned from all of my auctions.
  10. SupHomie you are banned from all of my future auctions.
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