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  1. You have worked well, a great new forum, (No, worse, for example, there is no spoiler button to download large media files) and to work on the bugs in the game? Will the developers exactly read something? Okay, to the point. Here, of course, entertaining (no) mathematics is indicated, which never explains the work of the levels. I will not stretch this post for 300 lines, I'll start immediately with 7 reset. (Although there, too, mistakes calculations of the game) Is everything right here? +3 levels. https://imgur.com/oxjWYAL Where are the levels here? https://imgur.com/jUt
  2. Hey, if you want to suggest stuffs you can create a thread in the suggestion section. You can see that section in the main forum page. Once you enter it, you can see a "create a thread" button on the top right and type away! Hope this helps :) Not sure if this works, but I'll try. Thanks you. First you need to deal with the bugs of the game.
  3. Nice leave without unanswered, and where to suggest ideas to me, they write different things in each topic, then questions, then something else.
  4. There can i to propose ideas to game developers, I have actual thoughts for improving the interface and balance? I'm waiting too and hope. & Thanks you Jaws_420 I will do just that, in any case I will wait for the return of the Dark Ritual Blade, so that 3 slots for shards. =)
  5. Goood, goood. I checked the damage Dark Ritual Blade, heavy type, chaos 3, And he for his indicator of the power of damage in 5000 thousand units, deals approximately 2.5+ million damage, and 900 thousand secondary attacks, maybe that's why it was unobtainable? I did not have the materials to improve it to level 7, and compare the figure with Frost Dager, as my main weapon is 24k damage. But I will check it out for sure, and perhaps sacrifice the third slot, because the look of the weapon is impeccable, I also have to find the best replacement for Ice Chip. Melee, Water, and maybe even Grave I
  6. :D Srsly? Thanks you. Well, I definitely need it, because I play as a Gunwitch. But what to do with the following? My main character is Mystic. And I'm interested in the best damage mod for weapons, For example, now I use Frost Edge, he has Ice Chip, there is also Frosty Chip, which of these can do more damage if combine the mod Drakens Soul with Frosty? Frost or Ice??? The third mod is Frostfire, But what if the first or third is replaced by Chaos Chip or Melee Chip, how does this show itself in action? I would generally prefer to use Dark Ritual Blade, but I do not find his place drop now
  7. I like it, you explained it well and competently to me. I'm going to farm Destruct for gild shard. Basically, I play alone on 7 chaos mastery, But there are different levels where you cannot put nodes for example, then you need to resort to other towers, and I believe that you can take as a basis PDT, as it was before, before the illness of the fiery aura. Everyone played what they could, and now .. Now the disease Flame auras. I do not use mine because it does not kill anyone, no damage at all. Maybe a bug, maybe ... I do not know. But LSA with mass destriction work great. I have one more q
  8. Thank you, I remember this for the future. Of course, I have all these top tier shards, I just wanted VE to put in the PDT in order to play Mastery easily. But maybe this is not worth it in this update of the game, I do not know. But Deadly Strikes I had time to evaluate. And I think the radius is much further than Vicious Strikes.
  9. Listen, my friend, since such a bad mess, maybe you still tell me something very important. I played more than 35 times on the map 5 chaos. I opened about 60 shard packs, And never once did I fall a ***ty Vampiric Empoverment, Tell me please what am I doing wrong. (I used to have it, but when I returned to the game a year and a half later, I did not find it in the inventory.)
  10. Hi, Anyone can talk me about anctient reseting, my received stars in mastery too deleting in all progress? I have now 1 lvl ancient pwr, aft frst reset, And I would not want the second time all to hera retired. Yes or No, simple answer.
  11. Hello, https://about.dungeondefenders2.com/main.html Not a clickable button Adept, I do not know whether it was or not, I saw it - I inform. Ty.
  12. hah :D Yea, this bug or what?
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