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  1. Reasons I stopped playing : Korean level grinding of shards, gold and crafting components. I know a F2P game has to contain grind, and I like that, but here it's insaneMastery system. Although I kinda like the idea of resetting my progression, the gold farming required looks insane...The lack of information regarding gears and mods : I have no idea why some gears are better than others even though they have the same level and everything.Random stats on itemsMandatory shards : Why bother creating so many shards when a few of them are straight mandatory (like destruction or fortification) I'm like "hey that shard for this defense sounds fun" and then I realize the 3 shards on my defense are vitalsThe feeling most heroes have half their kit useless The "Why would I bother making defenses when I can just spam WM everywhere" effect. And most importantly : RNG EVERYWHERE I expected dungeon defenders to be a game in which I can casually grind and gear up my heroes, have fun. But nope, I have to spend hours just to get ONE shard for ONE defense of ONE hero. I expected the dusting system to fix some issues of this game, but nope, it's RNG again. I like games in which I can farm a specific reward even if it takes a lot of time, at least I feel like it was worth it and I didn't just waste my time.
  2. If only there were other characters you could play... Oh wait, there are 12 other heroes to play \o/ It's like complaining about "no nodes" or "no aura" conditions... You've got to adapt, you can't always play your favorite (and op) hero
  3. Well excuse me but everytime I talk about DD1 with friends, the only things they had fun doing was either glitching the game thanks to cheat engine or going into nightmare mods were everything is unbalanced, auras are as big as the map / defenses have 0.1s refire rate and other stupidly ridiculous stuff. I said this : Here it's a free to play and devs have to be careful to not make the game too easy or not grindy enough. There is no issue with the game being easy, however a free to play game is (usually) either hard OR grindy (or a combination of both). An easy & quick to end F2P is quickly uninstalled once you're done with it. F2P Devs in general tend to go with the "easy and grindy" way because nowadays what people want most are easy games they can play for hours without trying to think too much about what they're doing (which is what DD2 is right now) (and because the longer a player is playing, the higher are the chances he'll buy stuff (although most F2P, DD2 included, are way too expensive for me to ever consider giving them money)) Also it's easier to design a grindy game that is somehow balanced than one with well dosed difficulty. Being fun is obviously an important factor, but I tend to like games that require a bit more thinking than "hey look, EMP on that lane = cannonball // geode here = aura & traps" Although I don't have a solution to that issue...
  4. I find them to be really worthy when I can use both side. Direct command make them even more amazing in my opinion. You don't have to build them for dps. Build them like a regular blockade and use direct command on them with a nice AP build. You'll be surprised of the damage they can deal. There is one, it's called vampiric empowerment. Not worth it in my opinion since orc's damage come from direct command which scales on the abyss lord's ability power. It's not a great idea in my opinion to compare DD2 to DD1, back then devs didn't care about balance at all since we all payed for the game and its DLC. Here it's a free to play and devs have to be careful to not make the game too easy or not grindy enough. (although we have the dryad who's so OP you can pretty much afk)
  5. Ramster counter everything...
  6. From what I noticed : If you have power transfer, put a medallion with a crit damage shard. This way your defense will deal average damage when not criting, and insane damage on crit.If you don't have power transfer, put a mark. Your defense will either deal no damage or it'll crit for great damage. And I believe the most important ascension power is the +20% crit chance on defenses (for your builders), if you don't have it yet, use the crit chance shard.
  7. Probably flame aura since you can level it up... But I haven't checked if a max rank flame aura is better than a weapon manufacturer so my argument could be irelevant
  8. Those heroes aren't off the table by any means, stuff just takes time. Heck, we WANT to develop and release them all already, as they are badass, but there's also other stuff we need to work on and release. It's quite literally a matter of developmental and production time. As the old saying goes, all in good time. :) Yeah, now that we have a full melee physical DPS, a steady flow of good loot, a nice interface to manage heroes & shards and onslaught to progress with a nice curve, I'd say we need more content & map... (and maybe balance.........) But I love the new interface. I just wish I could equip blue shards by rightclicking them if I have the available spot (right click a shard meant for glove and hop it goes into my glove slot without needing to click on the glove)
  9. I suppose it's fairness. To not make some feel left out. I think. I remember the console players (PS4 and Xbox) got POTA a few hours earlier.....us PC players were like "Damn, where's my update, I'm waiting, How long more?" (Ok, that's kinda exaggerated...) As if it was dev's fault for sony & microsoft's cert taking so long...
  10. Why do devs care so much to update all platforms at the same time...
  11. The official dev stream said "sometime this week, maybe tuesday but it could be thursday".
  12. I one hundred percant agree, around 25% of the shards i have gotton are gunwitch shards. And i never plan on buying the gunwitch anyways. Its just so annoying and I'd rather get shards for my actuall dps heros. Adding a trade system / market which use defender medal / gems as currency would be another idea... (warframe did it, partially)
  13. Honestly I still don't understand that mutator, "enemies take less damage but more weakspot damage". If anyone could explain what it means, maybe the solution to your question would be more obvious. (I thought it had something to do with magic/phys resist but... probably not)
  14. Her defenses are insane and require no help from any other hero, which is against one goal of the game which is to combine heroes' defenses. Her DPS is HUGE and she has stackable (I think it is) DoT on her basic attack. She has CC even though the shrooms are slow to trigger, and mostly, these godamn shards (corrupted starfall) which is the most insane damage dealing ability i've seen (and on top of it, it's an AoE DoT). To me, dryad is so INSANELY OP that she turned out to be boring to play...
  15. (I think it's "abyss lord" and not "abyss walker") Dryad is indeed OP, but if your friend has picked abyss lord and you mainly play with him, I would recommend gunwitch OR to wait for the barbarian to be released (soon) and pick him. Why ? Because having a DPS focused character in a group is great, and gunwitch is an amazing DPS and crow controller. Lane is getting destroyed ? Turn everything into a book and shotgun your way through. Boss ? Spam ice, he won't move until dead.
  16. I'm glad we finally get to play a physical DPS that isn't squire/monk. Last time I checked (this afternoon) his basic attack hit magic (because a slap in the face is magic...) But I could've mistaken it for the lava damage.
  17. I'm glad we finally get to play a physical DPS that isn't squire/monk.
  18. Is his blockade not that good? I got the impression it is a bit better than the squire's but since I am not playing a lot but only a bit, I might have a wrong impression. Orc blockade has a bit more health than spike blockade because it costs 10 more. However, orc blockade can be boosted with direct command, which makes it deal a HUGE amount of damage, based on your ability power. That's probably because it costs 60, which is a lot. As next hero, dryad is great because she can cheese the whole game with low effort. I stopped playing her after a while because it was boring...... I recommend abyss lord, because ramster hit through vanguard & geode and hit 10 targets at a time. Orc blockade is very tanky and can be boosted as I said above. Archer are quite good when 2 lanes are next to each other, their damage is quite great but they cost 50 (I think) Colossus is pretty useless but he makes for a fine blockade on harder lanes. (ouch 80 DU)
  19. Don't get overconfident on the colossus though.....'cause they can still be torn apart with some very unlucky combo-ed frost lane.....even with Hyper Shard Automation.... I noticed. Got a "explode on death" + control burn on a double lane, the colossus got destroyed quickly even though he had like 17M hp
  20. Oh yeah I forgot they put a cap on multi hit tower, but 10 is quite a lot, more than ballista. And unlike ballista, ramster hits in a huge AOE instead of a single line. I'm still hesitating using that wall, or mystic's wall. But for now I stick with abyss lord's orc because it hit like a truck when buffed. And on huge lane colossus because.. Look at that health bar !
  21. I'm only comparing with ramster because both towers can hit several enemies. The difference is that ballista hits 6 of them if they're aligned while the ramster hits everything in the area, all the time. Ramster's damage are lower, but they hit everything all the time. (sometimes I wish they could rotate a bit like cannonball/ballista) Anyway cannonball hit harder and are cheaper, they don't pierce but they shoot faster. It's a bit sad to see the squire with 4 defenses, but 2 of them are almost the same as the 2 other. Maybe they should bring back DD1's bowling ball tower
  22. Pretty simple : You don't play chaos, but onslaught. Chaos tier are a bit hard to progress, meanwhile onslaught is a slow progression, making it way easier. Chaos & onslaught progression are tied, but chaos is a bit brutal while onslaught is smooth.
  23. Wow I got answers, I didn't notice because this buggy forum didn't give me a notification... I tested ballistas yesterday, their damage and piercing feature are alright, although 50 DU would be more fair and closer to the ramster. I agree about the vanguards, although for some unknown reason, my cannonball seem to hit them from the front. However I still have some issues about cannonball and ballistas : Since both these towers can rotate a bit, they focus anyone in their full range instead of focusing on the enemies in front of them, which lead to them focusing other lane sometimes...They'll try to shoot at some enemies they can't see, which lead to the projectiles hitting ground/walls and being useless. I'll edit the OP with this. Guess that was a VERY long time ago, I never saw the boost aura/buff beam useful. Wait a minute... this is still not fixed ? This bug is as old as DD2... (or is it a feature ? :) ) I noticed that with pretty much every explosion based defense, even the reflect wall's torpedo deals way less damage to enemies not exactly on it. I noticed something yesterday, upgrading this defense is absolutely pointless. Electric aura get double crit damage with each level, this one gets close to nothing... I thought they worked on this a long time ago when players started making spreadsheets about which defenses are worth upgrading and which ones are not. I hesitated to start using that one, but well it's expensive... But so large. My only issues with that defense are : It's stupidly OPIt's VERY bugged (hornets doing nothing)It has health... but never lose any. Why even bother displaying a health stat ? What do you mean by "why are these trap" ? I'll update the OP with these infos :D
  24. I'm currently playing as "fullscreen windowed" and every single time I use alt-tab to do something on my second screen the game minimizes itself. The only way I managed to keep it open is by using "windowed", which is ugly and doesn't fit the whole screen. I have no idea if this kind of thing is hard to do but honestly it's a huge pain in my butt whenever I'm playing to not be able to do anything on my second screen while watching the current situation of the mission. (let's face it, at lower level being afk is normal...)
  25. My friend struggle to get his first deadly strike, meanwhile I got my third one and I have no idea what to put it on xD More seriously, even though DD2 is a grinding game, and I have no issue with this, I believe EVERY grinding game should have a way to reward your player every now and then with something they really want. A system that allow your player to get something he wants in exchange for him grinding is great in my opinion. The player did what you expected him to do, he deserves his reward. Sacrificing "non opened" shard is a tricky idea though. You leave the player the choice of opening them to maybe obtain what they want, or keep them to exchange them for a 100% chance at getting what they want...
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