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  1. I cant exit the tavern while the level select is frozen. D:
  2. I need help >.< When I host a game the map select doesn't freeze ever. Its always when I close it and revisit the level select that it has a high chance of freezing. Note that the game itself doesn't freeze, Its just the level select that does. Then I have to restart the game. This prevents me from hosting entirely. https://imgur.com/a/MOvn4NY
  3. It takes a lot of time to click and drag each item into a folder. Is there a way I can transfer multiple items into one folder at a time?
  4. I downloaded the emulator but, the same thing happened again as the other one I was using prior. Instead of pressing g, they jump. Really annoying. It works the first time I use it but, next time I log on it doesn't. Please help
  5. I need a reliable and easy emulator. Any advice?
  6. Aparris

    Item Check Thread

    IC Thanks https://i.imgur.com/hCnGvS8.png Message me for uncensored
  7. My favorite Christmas memory is when I got my pet pug and in the present day I have taught him to do tricks! Oh I love dogs
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