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  1. well it’s because i got 10 Mythic Defender Packs from buying various DLC. i don’t want to use my gems to buy the skins unless it’s impossible to get them from the packs
  2. if you think about like that (building the map once) it doesn’t make sense but if ur grinding it a lot of times, it gets boring building it over and over and over. all that time you could use playing more maps instead of rebuilding the same map. i take a few minutes on big maps and like 1 minute on small maps. i would totally pay like $5 each to save a build for a specific map and save time. some of us don’t have the luxury of time and can only play a few hours a week. this could let us cut down our building time and get in a few more games a day.
  3. this is not possible already cause of the Rollers and DrakenLord
  4. the guardian of fire costume has come out of it? dang that sounds so cool. i really want the monk skin
  5. does anyone know all the possible things that i can get from these packs? like is it out of all skins in the game like the electric monk or only specific skins in the game?
  6. i think this is a terrible idea. this game already has way too much grinding in my opinion. making it so we have to grind for specific pieces of armor as well as the mods that already take forever to grind for.
  7. don’t think there’s anything u could do.
  8. anyone feel in the carrying mood on xbox? i tried a few times but i’m terrible at building fast. anyone feel like carrying?
  9. ok thanks. yes i did. i triple checked the pack i bought
  10. the description of the Addon/DLC said i was supposed to get the “Frostlord” title but i went to my mailbox and i got the “Royal” title instead. how do i get the Frostlord title?
  11. or he could be a rapper that just spits fire! that would be so cool
  12. they went on sale a few weeks ago but these DLCs are new i think so i don’t know if they will go on sale soon.
  13. i always build them like that lol. he still walked by them after attacking it. i usually have no problems with these but for some reason this guy thought he could just attack it a few times and then forget about it
  14. add the ability to save builds! charge us $5 per map for all i care. i just want this to save tons of time. i hate building over and over and over. there’s no fun in that.
  15. the DrakenLord was attacking my tree but with every sword swing, he inched around my tree until he got tired of hitting it and then just walked passed it to attack my core. took him about 4-5 attacks to just forget about my tree and made a mad dash to my core
  16. worth -5 gold each. ill be generous and give you 1000 gold for all though. lol jk. not sure how much they’re worth
  17. while i don’t agree it needs to be balanced, i think it should be a noticable increase between levels. i believe the highest tier should always give the most and this is why it will always be worth maxing out mods. what would be the incentive in getting a lvl 10 version if i had a lvl 9 version and it only went up like 1% more?
  18. anyone selling Pristine Tokens on xbox leave ur gamertag and ill message u on xbox
  19. don’t think anyone would sell their materials since they are probably rerolling their shards as well since the rates are so low in getting a mod level that is better than the one being rolled.
  20. i’m too scared to reroll it. im like99% sure it is going to waste all my rerolls
  21. personally, i think he is annoying. it forces me to switch to my builder because my main already has a weapon with mods that i like and im not changing one of them to an oil or fire mod. none of my mains abilities fire or oil so i have to switch to my huntress builder to throw oil and then flame him with the little flame that goes around the character (weapon mod). i’m the type that likes to play my main no matter what. so the first time i fought him it took me a few minutes of repairing and fighting him in order to kill him with pure hero damage but this can be annoying. i wish hero damage or ability still did a decent amount of damage. it’s just silly how little it does unless you the little combo.
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