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  1. i think it would be really cool for there to be voting in the forums for things ideas and other things that might be coming soon or later this year. that way the community can choose what ideas are worked and implemented first and which ideas can be pushed back and waited on. Also there can be a vote every like 6 months to pick which character will be made by the time the next vote starts
  2. 10 sounds good to me for every shard of any tier
  3. i wouldn’t keep your hopes up, this has been an issue for years. i dont think it will ever be fixed
  4. whenever i play with noobs, i try not to build so that way it’s more fun for them butttt this is actually the opposite of what they want from my experience playing with low levels. they love having enemies obliterated. Also, it’s fun destroying enemies and being OP for the lower chaos tiers
  5. there was item duping on xbox?? danggg i missed out duping my reroll tokens
  6. the carnival comes once a year right? when will it come back? the carnival was fun, especially spinning the prize wheel
  7. this is where i go to find out info on mods https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1woZ-Fly4qiPrk8dKlKw_tsfIl6Zb8huMphMpVKGI7ds/htmlview#
  8. according to this resource i use, it says it can drop after floor 80 of onsl
  9. the polly wanna sounds like it’s one of the pirate maps. the combustion one i believe is a random drop? i could be wrong. i remember it being an incursion weapon a long time ago but lately i’ve been getting it from random drops although it has nothing special when it drops randomly
  10. Well so far the noobs have Campaign, Adventures, Expeditions, Incursions, Mastery, Onslaught 1-150 and AP. What else do you want? Mastery and Onslaught are for the hardcore players
  11. how about something that’s more doable for us noobs and not just the super hardcore players?
  12. Wat. Where? so better pets new maps new bosses new chaos tiers confirmed??
  13. the dryad is a beast. idk what you’re talking about. at least for combat.
  14. what the guy above me said and also i think because he has the coolest abilities (in my opinion) out of the starting 4 and looks like the Avatar. Plus Auras > towers
  15. yeah that’s strange. all i know is that i’m gonna take like a few weeks off this game until this is fixed
  16. when is it ever coming back??? it’s so annoying with all these AFK players just sitting there getting free loot for just joining the map and makin the game take twice as long
  17. all other minibosses drop loot (i think) so make this miniboss drop loot.
  18. so basically you switch to your monk?
  19. ive gotten the torch bearer this week and i believe this was released the first week as well so i think theres only 3 mods
  20. they are but my 5 bags are full cause i hoard shards and things i want to sell. also, i hate selling junk like anything pet related or low level modded gear. i just want the good stuff to get into my inventory
  21. there are times where i’m forget to run around to check the drops for any 10’s. if a 10/10 drops in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound? lol no but seriously, if a 10/10 mod drops, but you have no clue and move on to the next game, will that count as your 10 hour drop? i haven’t had any 10’s drop (that i know of) in a long time. There needs to be some sort of way that you can know for sure. possibly by making it glow a different color than the other drops or having the item automatically go into your bag.
  22. boot shard idea 1: increase the pickup range of mana stars by a large amount to be able to pick them up while flying overhead (maybe like the height of 2-3 dryads) OR Boot shard idea 2: consume mana stars instead of using them to attack enemies from a distance. OR Boot shard idea 3: adds ability to fly vertically for 1-2seconds ( to get a good distance up to throw abilities easier) the reasoning for my ideas is because that i spend a good amount of time flying overhead to different lanes dropping abilities on enemies but every now and then i land to refill my mana and then immediately jump and fly again. i would love it if i didn’t have to land and shoot a few mana stars at myself to regain my mana and then fly again. plus there aren’t many boot shards to choose from so there’s that.
  23. i’ve been using it and i don’t think it’s bugged. it’s just the design is terrible. it homes in on whatever target it was shot at even if that enemy falls and dies. mine are following the enemies down to the floor after they are dead which isn’t useful unless there happens to me enemies standing underneath
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