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  1. well either way i really hope she returns. it’s honestly the only reason i went back to dd2 and kept playing. none of the other heroes interested me that much that i would have quit a long time ago
  2. will the dryad be returning? perhaps as a younger version since all the other characters will also be their younger selves?
  3. it’s been a while since the last one. when is the next one?
  4. they have not mentioned that cross platform play will be in this game. they did mention that they will do cross saves though. this means you can play the game on one platform, save your game, then play your save game on a different platform. For example: you need 2 copies for yourself if you wish to play on an xbox and then PC. you would need 3 copies if you want to play your game on PC, ps4, and switch so you would end up with 1 extra copy for one of your friends. Not sure how it works on Switch, but on Xbox, the account that has purchased the game has to be signed in in order for other accounts to play the game unless that xbox is your primary device (Home Xbox)
  5. this question has been answered a lot of times but they said they dont be exclusive to epic
  6. i’m pretty sure not all are out because i have not recieved mine for the double early girafe
  7. now that i think more about my previous idea, i kinda want an Earthshatter tower that launches enemies into the air but the higher the damage, the higher they fly. i would like to launch these enemies into space lol jk but i would like to see them fly really high if your tower stats are beast
  8. a tower that is literally a black hole in the floor like a portal that enemies fall into and a portal above it that they fall out of and take damage from falling. this would let airial towers do damage to enemies as well, but enemies would only fall one time into each portal. the damage would be based on the tower and not necessarily the fall damage you get from freezing air enemies
  9. even in the loading screens including when you barely launch the game lol
  10. i think 300 = 3 tile units would be good. unless each time you choose to increase tower range by 1 stat point was equivalent to 5 range or 10 range. or if they choose to do by 10’s (30=3 tile units) then each stat point would add .5 or 1 range so it wouldn’t update if you went from 30 to 30.5 until you hit 31 unless they choose to use decimals. i feel it would make more sense to have that hundreds place incase there is a small increment in range where it would be a decimal if it went by 10’s this all sounds confusing to me but hopefully you get what i’m trying to say. i do agree thousands is too much though
  11. i don’t want to be forced to play with randoms. the game should be able to solo. Being optional but getting better loot doesn’t make it optional. it would pretty much be required if you are getting better loot. i feel like adding the optional timer should give a bit more XP and a bit more gold or maybe some cosmetic rewards
  12. i really feel this should be optional. i like playing nightmare in DD2 but this would definitely steer me away from that if this was implemented into that mode
  13. that’s kinda why they should limit it to one purchase per day or make it expensive enough where it wouldnt be worth buying multiple things
  14. i agree. i feel like the shop should reset once per day or once every other day kinda like how Fortnite’s Costmetics store does but this can be for actual armor and weapons and only be purchased with gold.
  15. there’s literally no reason there needs to be a timer. if i want to spend an hour building, i should be able to spend an hour building
  16. they need to get rid of timers. that doesn’t add any difficulty. if they want to make the game more difficult then actually make it more difficult. timers are annoying and dont do anything to make the game harder or more fun.
  17. doesn’t mean you can’t trade that armor piece to another character. it just means that the character won’t benefit from that passive, but the game will still think of it as an upgrade because of the higher stats or power level of the item, so better gear would still drop. Also, these armor pieces would be legendaries and you would need to complete specific maps/bosses to get these pieces, so they wouldn’t be like your average drops.
  18. in a way, that sort of defeats the purpose of the shop though. why buy anything from the current level you can beat if you can get it by beating it? i feel like you should be able to buy anything as long as you have the gold for it. for example, if i were to grind out nightmare 1 and then some of nightmare 2, if i earned enough gold and could afford a nightmare 3 tier armor piece or weapon, i should be able to buy it. obviously it wouldn’t be cheap enough to the point where you could buy your whole way up the difficulties, unless they could somehow limit the purchases for higher rank items to once per day or week or something.
  19. Make the vendors useful in DDA. in dd2, they were pretty much useless cause everything they sold was low level, and they sold 99% green or lower items. why even have vendors if they are just going to sell trash?
  20. i’m just praying there are no more gender swaps. those honestly could just be done with a skin. no need to call them new heroes. adding a new tower to justify a new character is wrong. if they want to make a new tower, they should just have the original character be able to switch out the older tower for the newer version if they want to. if more characters are gonna be added to this game, they should all be unique.
  21. they already said that they are working on the surveys for this. be patient
  22. no one ever said none of them. some of us just prefer to have our favorite characters for sure and if the rest can come too then that’s cool too
  23. i heard they are sending messenger birds to everyone
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