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  1. so basically you switch to your monk?
  2. ive gotten the torch bearer this week and i believe this was released the first week as well so i think theres only 3 mods
  3. they are but my 5 bags are full cause i hoard shards and things i want to sell. also, i hate selling junk like anything pet related or low level modded gear. i just want the good stuff to get into my inventory
  4. there are times where i’m forget to run around to check the drops for any 10’s. if a 10/10 drops in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound? lol no but seriously, if a 10/10 mod drops, but you have no clue and move on to the next game, will that count as your 10 hour drop? i haven’t had any 10’s drop (that i know of) in a long time. There needs to be some sort of way that you can know for sure. possibly by making it glow a different color than the other drops or having the item automatically go into your bag.
  5. boot shard idea 1: increase the pickup range of mana stars by a large amount to be able to pick them up while flying overhead (maybe like the height of 2-3 dryads) OR Boot shard idea 2: consume mana stars instead of using them to attack enemies from a distance. OR Boot shard idea 3: adds ability to fly vertically for 1-2seconds ( to get a good distance up to throw abilities easier) the reasoning for my ideas is because that i spend a good amount of time flying overhead to different lanes dropping abilities on enemies but every now and then i land to refill my mana and then immediately jump and fly again. i would love it if i didn’t have to land and shoot a few mana stars at myself to regain my mana and then fly again. plus there aren’t many boot shards to choose from so there’s that.
  6. i’ve been using it and i don’t think it’s bugged. it’s just the design is terrible. it homes in on whatever target it was shot at even if that enemy falls and dies. mine are following the enemies down to the floor after they are dead which isn’t useful unless there happens to me enemies standing underneath
  7. there should be an autopick for whatever mod level and higher yoh select
  8. idk. i like to try and use defenses that don’t get much love. Also, i wouldn’t be using this in onslaught. all i do is play C7 expeditions, so if it can do well in that then i’m ok with it lol
  9. which one do you guys recommend for my Hailstorm tower?
  10. this would be a good idea. i recently put frostfire to overwrite my Drakenlords soul, but i didn’t think frostfire was as fun to use, so i remodded Drakenlords Soul over the frostfire and lost 2 mods in the span of like 15 min
  11. to be honest, the game looked terrible back then. unless it was just a low quality video
  12. this game used to be a MOBA? i would like to see some of those characters in the current game
  13. Resetting couldn’t be any easier than it is now, I got 5 resets in 2 days, I was solo for that matter using one tower. If I had a carry I probably could’ve done at least 7. The thing is the bonuses are well worth the reset. And since I already have lost everything numerous times losing it again means nothing. I plan on getting c8 after I’m done resetting. I also received 2100 ascension from my climb prior. So I’m trying to gain all the possible power I can. And in order to do so I have to reset. It is 100% worth it. Don’t screw yourself by saying the incentive isn’t there. The gold and xp is awesome. The defense boosts are also great. And having 1 point in the hero boosts are also huge as well. i don’t want slightly higher stats so that i can mindlessly climb to onslaught floor infinity for no reason. i was some sort of new map/boss that is difficult that can only be done if you have that extra boost in stats. some sort of 6 player raid like in destiny or something. i’m not trying to reset so that i can replay the same maps and modes over and over for hundreds of hours
  14. every shard comes out in the packs. the ones you want always seem to be the ones that are the hardest to get. it happens to me to when trying to get dryad shards.
  15. i have complained about this before but i think every character should spawn with full ability mana. it’s annoying that my favorite character is the dryad and every time i join a game, i have to drop down like 7 mana stars to fill up my bar while pretty much all other characters spawn in with full mana ready to go
  16. i’m seeing bones and skulls next to the enemies after they die i think. i have never seen this before
  17. i can give you one if you’re on xbox
  18. some of us want this. we like to try and roll a 1 to make the game harder. jk
  19. i’m assuming it’s a random drop from the DrakenFrost Keep Expidition
  20. well some of us have no interest in resetting cause there isn’t much incentive
  21. if only i could preview the max stats before commiting to getting 10 of the shards and paying the 2 mil upfront
  22. did i really just spend 2.2something mil to go from 25% to 27% chance to freeze enemies from 2 seconds to 2.2 seconds? freezing enemies for an extra .2 seconds? seriously??? what a rip off. won’t even notice a different
  23. you need to click browse on adventures or expeditions, then select the difficulty, select the map and then click create private
  24. i think i have seen people on console with 2 accounts on splitscreen with basically the same name. does this double your chances since you have 2 accounts? (double the loot) is it fair for this to happen if it does increase your chances? (both accounts collecting for the main account)
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