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  1. i don’t wanna put pressure on CG to have to finish the game by the end of October. let’s give them all the time they need in order to have a nice polished game. if they need to delay it, i will happily wait for it to be complete.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Lol, let's all get food and sit outside CG's windows and just stare in as we eat our lunch... Arby's preferred, as they need inspiration for the big crossover event. 

    i’ll bring my In n Out from California all the way there and then eat it outside their window

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  3. i don’t know think the  block/ban list is a completely good idea. the reason for this is that let’s say a few people have blocked you for whatever reason, if you try to join someone’s game and the person who blocked you happens to be in the game (not as party leader or anything but as a random) then i’m assuming you wouldn’t be able to play games where that one person who blocked you is in it. That lowers the amount of games you can join with a community that is already pretty small

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  4. 1 minute ago, Thorgonator said:

    Maybe not so harsh of a time limit, but an afk timer would definitely be a plus to me. So long as it was a toggle option, and that it was clearly displayed whether the host was using it or not before joining a game.

    thr reason i say 10 seconds and not something like 30 is so that people aren’t just sitting around and just clicking one button every 29 seconds so that they dont get kicked but are still able to comfortably do whatever they’re doing afk without being annoyed by the kick timer.

    i could definitely see people clicking a key and then just go on their phones for like 25 seconds then hit another key and repeat. i feel 10 seconds would encourage for people to play consistently

  5. This gives me an idea to autokick anyone who doesnt press anything within 10 seconds or has the same keys, buttons pressed for at least 15 seconds lol


    this would be an addition to the host kick feature

  6. 52 minutes ago, hailminion said:

    Nah. I will do this. 

    Play 2 waves → Start 3rd wave →  Warm up pan, boil water, cut meat

    Join another game  → play 2 waves (water boiled, pan warmed)  → start 3rd → Drop pasta, pan-fry meat → drop in pasta and mix

    Join another game  → play 2 waves (soaked in all the flavor to perfection) → start 3rd  → Eat my dinner and watch Youtube. 

    Join another game  → play 2 waves  → start 3rd → Clean dishes

    Edit: Finish dinner → start private, so others don't slow me down after wave 3,4,5, chest, continue :Emoji_GobHuntress:

    alright go ahead and be a douche then 

  7. 21 hours ago, hailminion said:

    Guess now I can safely afk 3 waves and cook dinner :Emoji_GobHuntress:

    “before” so they can kick before the start of wave 3.  good luck cooking in 2 waves of time

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  8. 18 hours ago, Exglint said:

    Temporal Feather, Farmed at easy difficulty, equippable in an extra slot above the helm, has one effect and no stats: Removes timers from all game modes Kappa

    adds a timer for a chance a slightly better rewards 

  9. 1 minute ago, Sneeze said:

    nevermind youd probably just get angry at the paint for drying when you didnt want it to

    there is no reason to add a timer. just time yourself with a stop watch

  10. well they need to announce their decision on this soon cause if they are just going to make this game for the hardcore top10% by adding mandatory timers than i would rather just skip this and cancel my preorders

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  11. Just now, Sneeze said:

    perfect so you can see that you can just restart the level if you cant build in time. thread

    talking about you hardcore players. others like me have a hard time building. it can take me at least 5 - 10 minutes to build

  12. 1 minute ago, Sneeze said:

    ok so shouldnt you get the best gear for completing the hardest content on the hardest difficulty, with all the odds stacked against you? higher "risk" should be given higher reward

    higher risk? having a timer on a build is a high risk? you can just restart the level if you don’t get the build off in time. it’s still the same level and same difficulty. play a harder difficulty if you want better things 

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