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  1. Make the vendors useful in DDA. in dd2, they were pretty much useless cause everything they sold was low level, and they sold 99% green or lower items. why even have vendors if they are just going to sell trash?
  2. i’m just praying there are no more gender swaps. those honestly could just be done with a skin. no need to call them new heroes. adding a new tower to justify a new character is wrong. if they want to make a new tower, they should just have the original character be able to switch out the older tower for the newer version if they want to. if more characters are gonna be added to this game, they should all be unique.
  3. they already said that they are working on the surveys for this. be patient
  4. no one ever said none of them. some of us just prefer to have our favorite characters for sure and if the rest can come too then that’s cool too
  5. i heard they are sending messenger birds to everyone
  6. Can we have armor pieces with special passives or abilities like the exotics in Destiny? i really like how the armor in destiny can have special abilities for example The Hunter had some boots that granted an additional jump, titan had a helmet that blinded enemies when they entered the bubble, warlock had idk what lol. but there were so many more class specific armor pieces for each class. You could only equip 1 “exotic” armor piece at a time so this would give different options to the play style you wanted depending on what armor piece you were wearing. There were armors that enhanced abilities, granted new abilities, and granted extra grenades/ammo. I would love to see some sort of system similar to Destiny 1 in this game. i could see boots giving heros an additional jump so the monk would have like 3 jumps and others would have 2. these are some ideas for exotic armor pieces and using DD2 as an example: monk: -Gloves: doubles the radius of monk ground slam. -gloves: turns the airbend attack from a straight foward attack into a circular attack outwards away from the player. -boots: additional jump -Boots: grants a dash to any direction while on ground or in air. -helmet: revive a player with hero boost -chest: more damage taken makes ranged attacks stronger or makes hero boost do a certain percent of the damage back Squire: -Boots: After running straightish for 3 seconds, grants ability to shoulder charge enemies. -Boots: further Increases the run speed after taunting enemies -chest: grants ability to use shield to absorb damage and knock back enemies once and do a certain percent of damage -gloves: increases swing speed by a certain percent -gloves: increases radius of ground slam -helmet: decreases damage taken after taunting -helmet: after a few attacks, spawns the future squire behind the enemy to also and does a certain percent of damage while attacking and depawns after a few seconds. Huntress: -gloves: weapons occasionally fire a ghost arrow that does percent of damage and stuns the enemy hit. -gloves: turn the explosives ability into one bigger bomb that does more damage than the smaller ones combined but a smaller radius. -Chest: store an additional oil flask that costs half the mana of the original. -Boots: changes stance while using the burning phoenix and puts more power behind the attack increasing damage and speed of the phoenix Apprentice: -Gloves: grants ability to knockback enemies with a staff melee attack -Gloves: gives a X% chance to send additional spells (forgot what that ability is called XD) to the marked enemies. -Gloves: Freezing torandos that slow enemies after they come back down but also have an X% chance to freeze enemies while in the air. -Chest: Freezes enemies around you while using the magic slam ability -Boots: player leaps foward in an arc a certain amount while using magic slam ability and damages as soon as the player hits the ground. -Helmet: Decreases mana cost of abilities by X % -Helmet: Magic hat is alive and slowly drains enemy health and converts it to mana to use Dryad: -Gloves: Increases the radius of powder tosses by X% -Gloves: lucky day: gives a small X% chance to call down an extra mana star and an extra smaller rock when using those abilities. -Gloves: Grants ability to melee attack while flying -chest: gives ability to dash in an direction while flying -Chest: opening wings up drops a smaller purification powder under you doing a fraction of what the normal one does -Boots: after walking through either powder toss, it leaves a trail behind you of the same powder toss for 1-2 seconds -Helmet: Activating any aura ability, it also applies some weaker auras to nearby players. these are just some ideas i came up with off the top of my head just fyi. Also i know theres the tinkering system, but i feel like a loot based game like this deserves special loot pieces. it makes it boring just transfering the perfect set up from piece to piece and doesnt make loot seem rewarding to me. That’s kinda why i preferred DD2 in it’s earlier days.
  7. i think Destiny 1 did this great with Strange Coins currency. You could do certain missions once a day and it would give you some strange coins. but you wouldn’t get more for repeating it cause then you could just buy all the cool stuff easily.
  8. please no exclusive anything. all content should be on all platforms. no one should get extra content just because. we all want all content released for the game
  9. this is assuming the game isn’t delayed. i have a feeling it’ll get delayed but i don’t mind as long as the game comes out finished and with as little bugs as possible
  10. well i meant a cap on the bonus you get for the day. you would still earn whatever you’re supposed to earn per map. it would be like ending the boost you get up until you complete a certain amount of maps
  11. or they can just limit you can earn per day so that this isnt a problem. i don’t see why they wouldn’t if it was like this instead of having dailies
  12. i’ll pass. the only challenges i did were for the pets.
  13. oh i didn’t know it was an exclusive pet. sorry jaws
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