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  1. Emailed them twice over the past 2-3 weeks and still no response. Been wanting to try and get my kickstarter pledge cancellation reversed if possible but switched to 2 pc copies instead of 1 xbox and 1 pc.
  2. thanks ! I used the "contact us" button on the bottom of the page.
  3. do you know their email? I think I have tried contacting them through here but they never got back to me
  4. Is there a way to reverse my cancellation of the kickstarter pledge? the reason I had cancelled was because I wanted a copy for xbox and pc so I could play on the go and on the tv, but then I found out that xbox wouldn't be coming out anytime soon and felt betrayed. This led me to cancel my pledge, but then I thought about it more and just figured I could've just given the copy away to my bestfriend so we could play together on pc. I should have just switched my copies to 2 pc copies instead of cancelling my pledge all together. Is there a way I could reverse my decision?
  5. That’s the reason i has cancelled my copies since xbox would have to wait. Just kinda felt betrayed and made me stay away for a few months. Looks like not much has changed in terms of release date or timed-exclusivity window info.
  6. they announced the game would be switch timed exclusive and since i cancelled my kickstarter? Been gone since that news so i’m out of the loop
  7. well i received my refund for the kickstarter. good look to all of you and i hope you all enjoy the game.
  8. not into all that exclusive crap. i thought this game was coming out on all platforms at the same time. how do i get a refund for the kickstarter?
  9. i don’t wanna put pressure on CG to have to finish the game by the end of October. let’s give them all the time they need in order to have a nice polished game. if they need to delay it, i will happily wait for it to be complete.
  10. i’m curious to know who claimed the codes lol
  11. Round 2: fight! gunwitch costume: XQ46B-R3ZQV-WHWHY-ANYUG-XY0MT
  12. gunwitch hero: I8VYE-DTE1A-HZU1J-OOHUN-S8VKE
  13. i would but i just got a 2ds and gameboy advance lol i have a few games to play
  14. i own pc and xbox but i’m tempted to get a switch and play on switch and xbox
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