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  1. i’m curious to know who claimed the codes lol
  2. Round 2: fight! gunwitch costume: XQ46B-R3ZQV-WHWHY-ANYUG-XY0MT
  3. gunwitch hero: I8VYE-DTE1A-HZU1J-OOHUN-S8VKE
  4. true. i forgot i recently bought $100 worth of gems and still have like $60 worth but i’m not interested in using because i don’t see anything im interested in. i hope this doesn’t just go to waste and can maybe transfer over to this new game for cosmetics
  5. i can’t believe it! i’m soo happy. i have been asking for this for years and it’s actually finally happening. i’m so glad i chose to never reset or climb onslaught. the only thing i will miss from DD2 is my Dryad.
  6. everything sounds cool but i think his towers are too generic. he’s an inventor yet his towers are just guns and explosives that have already been invented
  7. i think it would be really cool for there to be voting in the forums for things ideas and other things that might be coming soon or later this year. that way the community can choose what ideas are worked and implemented first and which ideas can be pushed back and waited on. Also there can be a vote every like 6 months to pick which character will be made by the time the next vote starts
  8. 10 sounds good to me for every shard of any tier
  9. i wouldn’t keep your hopes up, this has been an issue for years. i dont think it will ever be fixed
  10. whenever i play with noobs, i try not to build so that way it’s more fun for them butttt this is actually the opposite of what they want from my experience playing with low levels. they love having enemies obliterated. Also, it’s fun destroying enemies and being OP for the lower chaos tiers
  11. the carnival comes once a year right? when will it come back? the carnival was fun, especially spinning the prize wheel
  12. this is where i go to find out info on mods https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1woZ-Fly4qiPrk8dKlKw_tsfIl6Zb8huMphMpVKGI7ds/htmlview#
  13. according to this resource i use, it says it can drop after floor 80 of onsl
  14. the polly wanna sounds like it’s one of the pirate maps. the combustion one i believe is a random drop? i could be wrong. i remember it being an incursion weapon a long time ago but lately i’ve been getting it from random drops although it has nothing special when it drops randomly
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