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  1. it will probably be on both. just get yours on Steam. shouldn’t let it bother you that it might also be on EGS.
  2. they said they are going to be on as many as possible so i’m assuming Steam and maybe Epic
  3. Them telling us where they are isn’t going to make the game come out faster. They will announce something when they feel it’s necessary
  4. i think DDA more of a remake than a remaster. they’re combining what made DD1 good with what made DD2 good into a single game. It’s more than better graphics
  5. i agree with crombell as well. The community needs to be patient. The devs are working hard to bring this game to life. Let them concentrate on working on the game.
  6. i read somewhere that the games still need to be made specifically for Stadia
  7. i don’t think it would be smart to use the kickstarter money to develop the game for a new platform. especially since it wouldn’t be smart to make a game where they don’t know how many customers are on there yet.
  8. With E3 news starting today, are you guys going to be there? is there any news you guys want to share this week?
  9. or better yet, all that you said but also being able to melee through it too and also walk through it to appear from the other portal
  10. my post doesn’t concern the kickstarter at all. should probably make a separate post about your issue
  11. RIP gems. wish i could at least give them away to other players
  12. there’s literally nothing i want to buy using my gems. is there anyway i can transfer them to DDA or just give me like any type of DDA skin for all 6000? i’m literally not going to use them since i don’t play DD2 anymore, and i’m waiting for my copies of DDA. i will literally take anything for DDA even if it’s like a 1% bonus XP boost lol. i would hate to see the gems go to waste
  13. i hope you could switch heroes during waves
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