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  1. well i received my refund for the kickstarter. good look to all of you and i hope you all enjoy the game.
  2. not into all that exclusive crap. i thought this game was coming out on all platforms at the same time. how do i get a refund for the kickstarter?
  3. i don’t wanna put pressure on CG to have to finish the game by the end of October. let’s give them all the time they need in order to have a nice polished game. if they need to delay it, i will happily wait for it to be complete.
  4. i’m curious to know who claimed the codes lol
  5. Round 2: fight! gunwitch costume: XQ46B-R3ZQV-WHWHY-ANYUG-XY0MT
  6. gunwitch hero: I8VYE-DTE1A-HZU1J-OOHUN-S8VKE
  7. i would but i just got a 2ds and gameboy advance lol i have a few games to play
  8. i own pc and xbox but i’m tempted to get a switch and play on switch and xbox
  9. i’ll bring my In n Out from California all the way there and then eat it outside their window
  10. cross platforms saves not cross platform multiplayer
  11. what i want to see in DDA is an equal amount of skins for every single character. i hated how in DD2, the main 4 heroes had like 10-15 unique skins each and the rest only had like 2. and no i’m not counting the galaxy ones and others like it as unique skins.
  12. i don’t know think the block/ban list is a completely good idea. the reason for this is that let’s say a few people have blocked you for whatever reason, if you try to join someone’s game and the person who blocked you happens to be in the game (not as party leader or anything but as a random) then i’m assuming you wouldn’t be able to play games where that one person who blocked you is in it. That lowers the amount of games you can join with a community that is already pretty small
  13. thr reason i say 10 seconds and not something like 30 is so that people aren’t just sitting around and just clicking one button every 29 seconds so that they dont get kicked but are still able to comfortably do whatever they’re doing afk without being annoyed by the kick timer. i could definitely see people clicking a key and then just go on their phones for like 25 seconds then hit another key and repeat. i feel 10 seconds would encourage for people to play consistently
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