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  1. Ugh... Disconnects!!!! Hate!
  2. Invested 100+ hours already and am absolutely addicted. You have done wonderful work so far Trendy! Keep up the good work and you have a player for life! Get me a way to organize my characters and loot better and I'll be even more addicted ;)
  3. Love to get this for my best friend :). Been telling him to get it but he is stuck paying for rent for him and his roommate since he just lost his job. He deserves something :)
  4. Looks like I'm doing some survival runs when I get home tomorrow
  5. got orcs must die myself too
  6. It is your fault that I have just purchased the full Oddworld package!!! No complaints though. Looking forward to this patch! Anyone else purchase any of the great deals on steam?
  7. ugh... last thing I want after a 12hour day of work :x
  8. So steam has been trying to launch my game for like 5 minutes... and either this is because we are getting the new patch or because steam is being a re re :x :kobold: Anyone got an update or a fix for this?
  9. Fixed my issue. Had to restart computer... Not just steam
  10. "The game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time." Is my game or steam broken? Little nervous... :demon:
  11. Looking for a Godly Lucky Plate Chestpiece for my tower squire and a Godly Enchanted Mail Boots for my DPS Huntress. Not looking for anything super special. I have some pieces available for trade. Trying to get their set bonuses. Find me on steam, meurigvii Thanks
  12. I won't name any names. 1. I joined a Hard Glitterhelm game and the guy asks me to build towers around the map. After finishing the build and readying up, he promptly kicks me from the game. 2. I joined an Insane Alch Labs survival at wave 8. Played with the group for over an hour until wave 14. The host kicks me just before wave 14 ends, so I don't receive the pet and further loot. I've played with plenty of amazing people but these just ruin your experience. Same thing happened to me on Insane Summit. Just wanted my huntress animus and get kicked with 5 seconds left before boss show
  13. Still debating how I want to do it. It all depends on what skills/towers they get. If they are different from the originals then I'm gonna make 2 of each. If they're roughly the same all the female characters will Be my tower toons and my males will be the heroes. Sexist... I know
  14. Or making a selection in settings that lets us choose where we exit too, either custom game menu, character selection screen or main menu.
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