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  1. Nothing works after that patch.. most of defenses targets 1 or none enemy. The game is unplayable at moment :(
  2. with changes like this already all my friends left the game.. i stayed to give it a chance at the endgame update but this is final hit.. we have exremly low knowledge on ALL defences cause we dont have see all defences since we dont have all the shards.. and a nerf on defences comes to prove what?! cause a bounce of people reached Chaos 5 and they dont wanna that? you can easily increase the level of the mobs at chaos 5 instead of nerf a defence that use the majority of the game to beat chaos 1 or chaos 2. Also no comment on your "didn't you stopped already playing recently" your personal att
  3. Worst patch in history of gaming. ONLY nerf of defences.. I think is time to stop playing this game since my friends already stopped as well cause of those one way of your side decisions to change things.. You called it "end game update" 1 week ago the big changes and you totally rekt it with those nerfs..
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