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  1. is there anything else to do? cuz being honest, this game has soooooo low lvls of content that i got bored when i nearly maxed out the power of my gun witch (which is my second hero that i got)
  3. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the riding wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otter darkness, so he decided to dance on the edge of love so in his underpants he noticed a surprisingly and took a dump big enough to shake the elephant while his companion was making pie. Suddenly, the sky opens a portal into the deadly stratosphere that rained meteorites. Cautiously the bear tried to sneak past numerous orcs and a family of rabbid ogres came out of a cave filled with dead carrots . The MountainDew mountain
  4. we are number one Squire OR Lavamancer
  5. warframe Apprentice X Gun Witch or Squire x Huntress
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