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  1. They don't spawn on the Assault on Throne Room Campaign map, but I've seen them in one of the campaign maps called "The Dead Road", it's just impossible to grind gear nowadays.
  2. I am dissappointed with this update. I can't power level to 50 fast with the Assault on Throne Room map anymore... One Siege Tank? Eh should be easy enough... Three Siege Tanks spawning instantly in a synchronized fashion? Ok... *Rage Quit* I'd rather play on "Harbinger's Ship" - Defense NM4, but instead of one Harbinger there's three of them. That'd be more fun than fighting three enemies that only have 8 million HP but actually seems like they have 1 billion HP. I don't even have any DPS heroes that can deal with this tank, I would if I could just get myself a level 50 DPS Huntress... btw, how is it making itself immune to EV2's LASER! EV2's LASER is a beam that is made out of extremely hot LIGHT, protons that are heated to absolute oblivion, being so hot, that it cannot even penetrate metal? what type of metal is this tank made out of? what is its melting point? I just hope the "can no longer power level to 50 fast" thing is just a bug, I'm more worried about not being able to level up to 50 fast than dealing with three Siege Tanks all at once, because this game is already repetitive enough. P.S: The EV2 blah blah Metal Melting Point is there as an inside joke, we all know that it's just a game xD
  3. Seriously, don't. That's an ***'s move, Terry. Don't do *** moves. As I've said it's up to TrendyEnt to decide, but it seems like the majority is saying "no, don't"
  4. as the title said, I don't like the squatting animation that Series EV2 does when she activates her Proton Cannon... it just makes me... so... uncomfortable... I hope TrendyEnt is the type of developer who will respond to his games' communities :/. I'm not demanding anything... it's just that it's uncomforting to me, but it's up to TrendyEnt to decide.
  5. Does the Purge Evil Serenity Aura stack with Toxic Shock's Poison effect from Poison Dart Towers? Because I feel like they do stack, but some people say they don't
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