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  1. On the chance of people being a little put off by it... The wife and I are doing a "couples costume" sort of thing. She's going to wear a hospital gown, blacken her eye, and do a few drips of fake blood from here nose. I'll be wearing a wife beater (again, with some blood on it) and a touch of blood on my knuckles.
  2. No one else? Only an hour left.
  3. EDIT - Ok. The number was 37. As both grey and odst were off by 5, the game goes to grey, who posted first, in accordance with my outline of how things would work. Hope you enjoy it, grey-1. Hey all. If anyone is interested, I've got a spare Steam copy of the Torchlight 2 pre-order I'm prepared to part with. The game launches this Thursday and is available for pre-load now. Anyone interested (including mods or Trendy employees), simply post in this thread. In your post include your Steam ID and pick a number between 1 and 100. First to get the number I've got in mind will get
  4. for some reason every solo player feels more entitled and thinks the game should cater to them over everyone else. With all due respect, Alhanalem, that's a rather ridiculous assertion. Given that the game scales based upon the number of players, expecting the single player scaling to be more reasonable for solo play (and actually rewarding for the time and effort put into it) is not the product of a sense of entitlement, nor does it take away from multiplayer play. I'm not sure where your head was at with that post, but it's nowhere near the realm of reality, in my opinion.
  5. being 90 gives advantage of being able to overcharge or use invisibility while upgrading) overcharge... invisibility... these things seem familiar, as though something from a dream of long ago... ;)
  6. Aside from (or possibly related to) loot funkiness, I'd make sure the path from insane to nightmare made some kind of logical sense. Skipping from insane glitter to nightmare anything but deeper well is nonsensical.
  7. While I can only speak anecdotally, having never looked in the DDDK, I don't think the number of players has any influence on the quality of rewards. It's simply a matter of random is random and more often than not in a random situation, you'll come out on the lower end of the spectrum as it is far wider than the higher end. To put it simply, if you grade gear on a scale of 1-100 and you're sitting on 90 already, you've statistically a far greater chance of getting something in the 1-90 range than you do the 90-100 range. Just a fact of randomness. Not to suggest that you don't already know
  8. i'm not the kinda of person to make mistakes there for idiots. Trying to resist the urge here, but it's quite hard. Sometimes things are just so obvious that they're difficult to ignore.
  9. I would really like some kind of an official comment on the issues I presented and what will be done to address them, especially the second one. [quote]the Summoner simply has way too much of an advantage over other classes.[/QUOTE] It's been brought up before. I made a suggestion to change the drop ratio of weapons:armor back in January (http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?39636-A-different-drop-suggestion). I'm sure I wasn't the first. At this point, I've come to the conclusion that Trendy either doesn't see a problem or thinks the solution is having to buy a DLC in order to ge
  10. Another thing to note is that any inactive builder will recieve a 30% damage penalty (you build with your squire, and during the waves use a monk, the harpoons will hit less). Not a penalty, in reality. Inactive builder's towers do 100% of their damage, it's just that leaving the builder out grants a bonus. Losing the bonus isn't really a penalty. Semantics, I know, but there is a difference between being penalized and not being rewarded.
  11. Im in there with the previous two posters, having only beaten NM Misty for the first time since seeing this thread. Flawless win cirst time out. Thanks for these layouts and especially the inclusion of first wave builds. Thats where i always have the most trouble, personally, is figuring out how to get the right defenses in the right place with limited mana. This is much more helpful (handholding, if you prefer) than guides that do nothing but show a final build.
  12. Could always check the scaling by upgrading a couple times in open and decide based on what you see there.
  13. You guys inspired me to do some charity runs, did one yesterday and one today. I opened a game called "I'm bored", with minimum lvl 1, when somebody entered I asked what they wanted to do, if it was Mana or Gear, I would start a throne room Mixmode on wave 20, if it was Exp I would start a Palantir NMHC campaign ^^ Met some nice people and they were very grateful, it was fun :) +1 for this. Kudos :)
  14. To echo RPINerd, to play nightmare in your own lobby (whether solo or hosting NM maps) you need all 4 Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Dlc packs.
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