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  1. Completely disregard his point.... Nice there was no disregard. of those 6k players, how many know there's a forum? how many actually bother to make an account? how many actually go on forums on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? he's disregarding his own argument by exaggerating that theres actually 1 forum account for every person that plays this game. THAT is whats nice. so plz, take your biased thinking, and go elsewhere too. tyvm.
  2. suggestion: ask for refund on steam if your transaction has not yet finished 'pending' on the credit card statement.
  3. so basically after the most recent patch and DLC I bought, this game has just become no fun. Last DLC/game I will ever buy from trendy. thank god i got the previous ones as gifts... 30m animus with 47^ -> 200m = Q.Q Let's say I play Insane mixed Survival mode with 4 people, and let's say that on average up to wave 18 (before super loots start appearing, so i've been told) that I will get roughly 2mil per wave(compensating for earlier waves). Now i havent calculated this but I am pretty confident that 18 waves would take at LEAST an hr and a half to complete for any casual gamer +
  4. why start a game of nightmare mode? it's not even do-able on deeper wells
  5. I used my trap spec'ed huntress (lv60 when I was doing this) It's a lot easier to solo missions with a huntress because traps don't take up a lot of Defense Units. If you want to spec for a tower-hero, I'll give you some advice. 1) When you upgrade your items...Put specs in tower damage first 2) Make sure your tower damage is always more than your tower health (i usually keep it 50% more) EXCEPTION: creating a tower health squire to make barricades (in which case all/most of your points go into tower health) 3) Make sure you get a "good" familiar (a lot of points in tower stats, mainly
  6. if you'[re talking about the giraffe, doesnt exist on ios. same for all the unique. You can get genie/fairy/animus. thats it
  7. For mobile iOS, you have to finish the entire survival (unfortunately), or pure strategy. you can get pets in the tavern if that's all you want.
  8. Let's keep this short...for a trap spec'ed huntress 1) no trap dmg = more trap count to kill 1 creature 2) no trap reset = more leaks in every choke point 3) no trap health = more mana required to set up new traps 4) no casting speed = traps WILL die, you WONT finish setting up on insane, no damage output from your weapon because you're constantly repairing traps 5) no movement speed = you're retarded NOTE: if you do not have a piercing weapon (i.e. vanwolf) you want to put points into piercing shot so you dont get raped by sheer # of mobs. summary: trap dmg is most important, but th
  9. Tower Health should be around 75% of your tower damage Tower Damage should be your main source of upgrade points Tower Range should ONLY be upgraded through level up points and NOT upgrade points from items. (60-70 is sufficient) Tower Atk Spd is the same as Tower Range. Anyone feel free to correct me, as this is what I use in my solo squire and I would also love to know a better build.
  10. If you wanted to go back to regular games, all you have to do is click "adventure" the box on top of pvp arena
  11. I think if you keep finishing levels and going back to tavern, you'll eventually find one. That's how i found mine at least. Only need it for squire tbh.
  12. well it's unfortunate. lagg issues are pretty common with all devices and even the worlds fastest computers. i dont rly lagg unless it's a big mob and i have an iphone 4. battery draining your phone and charging it back to full optimizes your batter life, so maybe turning your app off after mayb 60 minutes of play time would help. EDIT: wish I could be more helpful
  13. I would ask for a refund and see if they will give it to you. Because it requires an I N C R E D I B L E amount of rendering from your graphics processor, even on my iphone 4 (which I would still consider to be pretty good in light of the new iPhone 4s that came out), i lag on a daily basis playing this game.
  14. It's difficult to match quality when you're creating a cross-platform video game. Especially when the video game is "cross-platform'ing" from a computer/game console -> mobile device. Let's think about this...5 years ago...who would have thought that mobile gaming could progress beyond the point of just being able to play solitaire on your phone, right? to emphasize, if you're on an ios platform or even an android platform, your phone can only use so much of it's processing power on a SINGLE application. We'll probably have to wait a couple more years before we can see a mobile device m
  15. Older Generation iDevices, typically have lower graphics processors. That goes without saying that frame rate will see a dramatically decreased quality. And of course if you want to have little lag you'd want to buy the latest generation of an iDevice (currently being iPhone 4s), if your budget allows for it.
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