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  1. I really don't like the range of the frostbite towers, it's just asking to be obliterated by kobolts in c7. Please change the frostbite range to how it was before. Also I agree with what Succ said :P, apprentice was fairly underpowered for a long time, then fiery brimstone makes him kinda good again but of course that gets nerfed too....
  2. 1A 2A 3A 4C: They have pathing issues and sometimes run over your walls 5A 6A I don't like how long their range is but they're designed that way to make you adapt and that's fine 7C: They go straight for your core at times and ignore your other towers, they also love to ruin my day by blowing up sub objectives, ignoring all my defenses in front
  3. but kobolds can explode on other towers they dont prefer sky guards.. I'm now using a medallion with speed and health, using destruction, vampiric empowerment, and a defense rate shard, not having any trouble with fliers at all now.
  4. use pdt's instead I'm mainly in C4 atm. The Geodes makes it hard to place the PDT's in good places. When I can get away with it I do of course. Just use a totem with vampiric, rate, destruction :P soaks up flying kobolds and does decent damage to the other fliers.
  5. Skyguards definitely were not weak to begin with, but I feel like as an air targeting only tower, it should do more damage than it did. I did also notice that they attack much slower now, although their damage hasn't really changed. Nerfing their range was a bit too much, I don't think a range nerf is necessary as they were already weakened by the speed nerf.
  6. Berserker orcs, or lady orcs, consistently run around my walls and attack my damage dealing towers or in most cases, go straight for the core. I've heard that they hop over walls sometimes too. I haven't seen this myself but there are some situations where I conclude that they must have hopped the wall to get to the core. I do not have the du to put 2 or more walls per lane on some maps like assault on throneroom. I tried putting 2 walls, they still got around it somehow. This is very frustrating and has caused me to lose out on many shards, including ones that are lost because receiving a defeat resets my win streak. I do not have any problems clearing c4 or c5 maps, the berserker orcs running around my walls are the only problem. On some maps I also don't have my minimap for whatever reason, and the berserker orcs run too fast for me to save the core in time anyway. Hopefully something can be done about this.
  7. Different players sometimes see tower stats differently and that shouldn't happen. I've seen poison dart towers have only about 3000 poison damage from people with a complete pdt huntress build. They tell me their poison damage is at 20k or above. I've also seen squire blockades have differences of 200k health from inspecting (with the E key) and the actual health bar above the blockade itself.
  8. I know about automation, I'd like to see if they still take less damage without automation.
  9. I've never seen any proof that squire blockades take less damage than other types of blockades. Can anyone give their opinion/answer my question? Seems like when I tested it they do indeed last longer with the same amount of health as an apprentice blockade.
  10. yeah I would love to see this game on mac, although I do have a pc I like using my mac more.... please release it for mac!
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