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  1. Individual Loot. Make the loot system like Dragon's Crown where you sort/deal with items AFTER the battle is over. In Dragon's Crown you open up "chests" which say "you got S rank loot" and you have no idea what it is. After the battle is over, it displays what loot you got and each person got a different sort of loot based on class but also based on the rank. The novelty of picking up items, selling/sorting wears off REALLY fast. This process should be streamlined. I wouldn't worry too much about "inflation". Just make it so there are less items then OR make the game more skill base
  2. I wouldn't say that everything in life is like that, at all... except besides other video games that are similar. I don't see how many activities in life are not shallow at a "high level" at all. Shallow is a bad word. If you mean grindy, then perhaps so... but you'll often be pushing yourself to the limit nonetheless. Anything you do in life, you ascribe value to. However, not everyone will place value in what you do equally. There is nothing one does in life that everyone will value the same way. Nothing. Money, love, sex, family, power, fame, altruism, religion, you name it. All r
  3. Love this idea. A lot of players had to rely on this to progress when the game first came out... Now a lot of players just "buy gear" from others skipping this whole process. That's why I'm such a big fan of not using the AFK stores and trying to develop your own strategies. That's how you progress and get better... not the other ways which do not help you grow at all.
  4. Haha nice!! I thought the same as towlie. :) Good thing that wasn't the case!
  5. Okay, guess I should read better :p 4-5k stats. Hmm 4-5K for tower attack and like 2-3K for the secondary/tertiary stats? Or 4-5K all around for all stats? Or 4-5K for the "primary" stats for the class? e.g. usually tower attack or tower health (for minions). Sorry for asking for the finer details! Thanks in advance!
  6. What is not obvious about higher level builds? It takes a lot of testing to work on determining an approximate tower range required for a build. These builds take me long enough to make in the first place with my own stats. Actually, I was just asking what your stats were. :)
  7. Great job man! Quite an inspiration! Also, could you list your approximate stats so we can get an idea if our technique is off or if we don't have enough stats for this particualr build.
  8. Congrats! Sounds like you got it from Aquanos! They can roll some great stats for a 'tower stat gun'!
  9. All games are like this. Games are very 'shallow' at a high level despite how much pseudo artificial depth one adds. You could easily argue, "what's the point" to ANYTHING you do in life and I'm quite serious about that statement. Life is a lot easier to deal with when you look at it that way. That's why to me, the important part is the journey, not the destination and "copying" strategies is a great way to lose most of the journey. Of course you'll "end up in the same spot" but the journey of growing your characters either through XP or gear or whatever other artificial construct. Ima
  10. Sometimes I'll use other people's builds, but I like doing things a little differently as my characters/build/style are different than some. I find it is really enjoyable when you finally beat a map using your own way, rather than following a cookie cutter. Now, some things can't change, but there is a lot of room for improvision. Even before I "quit" the first time, I was using hybrid classes while almost NO ONE suggested that route. I was one of the first few players to beat MistyMire Queen Solo Nightmare near initial release time (although this was when only spiders were around, but
  11. Wow, I thought I was special when I broke 4K tower attack on my jester! :) Haha, congrats man, that is incredible!!! Too bad you didn't farm it yourself (as in, the rng is that rough that this requires us to buy it from others). So supposedly, King's Game is where to go to get the ultimate armors, eh?
  12. Tavern Defense has the highest quality generic weapon loot drops, but lowest armor loot drops so that's why you haven't heard much from Tavern Defense. Wait, where is this documented/listed? In the DDDK? I thought the general item quality rolls were identical but the distribution was different (e.g. if you are a summoner, you get 100% armor distribution, vs say a jester who might get 20% armor drops, 80% random weap drops).
  13. So, according to the general rule of thumb Tavern Defense Survival should be one of the best places to farm, right? Yet, I hear so little about it for items. How does King's Game compare to Aquanos? Same or worse?
  14. I am guessing there is some kind of item weight on intensity or something, Further testing needed. watch this space. There is. The game weighs it on price, which I think is affected by hero dmg and hero health sort of stats. In a nutshell, it pays to look over EVERY item until you are a lot stronger so you can afford to "ignore" myth items and only go for transcendent+.
  15. can i not do open and level up my character and then go onto ranked? Just play ranked. Level up in ranked. Do everything in ranked. Use open only for "testing". You have to level up in either rank or open. Pick ranked. :)
  16. It's happening again today, people are just such jerks in this game! They sell my towers which are in good places, so they can build their towers there instead (when I am many levels higher, and my towers are FAR better) and boot me, when I'm the most powerful character on the team, just because I guess they are afraid I'm going to steal their thunder. It makes me sick, I'm a good player, I have good characters, and I am always friendly. I've been playing games since the mid 80s and only the old school Counter Strike community was worse than the Dungeon Defenders one so far. So disappoi
  17. Been a while and things have changed. General formula is base dmg * hero multiplier * special attack multiplier (if you are doing special attack) = special attack damage base dmg * hero multipler = normal attack All formulas can be adjusted with monk boost or bloodrage (if you are a squire) or possibly properller cat (not as familiar with this). So, hero multiplier used to be consistent, but monk has the highest of them all now. Let's say hypothetically, 1400 hero attack is 8X multiplier. And you have a standard sword that does 20K dmg. You should deal 160K dmg per normal a
  18. In Silent Night on each side of the map there is a tree which is located right next to an enemy spawn. I didn't played it on nm (for mor then 2 waves) by now, but... are these trees even used? I played it on lower difficulties several times and I never had to bring presents to these areas. It is random.
  19. It is always something! Congrats, good job!
  20. Very good builds (super efficient) along with clever micro and/or hybrid hero usage is ~ the same was +2000 stat points. :) There are limits, but until you test those limits, you'll never know your potential. It isn't easy to have to think and go through the trials and tribulations to do so, but when you do you are far more flexible and can do a lot more with less stats. That said, some key 'breakpoints' would be to try to get the Kobolds on Insane HC Tavern Defense and Seahorse in Insane Aquanos. I had pretty low stats when I 'returned' to Dungeon Defenders from a long hiatus (solo
  21. Try this build. He just put it up on his post, so you might have missed it. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?93048-My-Akatiti-Jungle-Campaign-Build!! I also found that improving my monk radius to 2.2k helped my builds be more successful. I used to go by the 1.5-1.8k rule about hitting diminishing returns, but I think the extra aura range really helps. I didn't really have a Djinn problem. My problem was an ogre slipping somehow through to the Eastern crystal. What a lot of people forget is, despite the "diminishing returns", once you triple buff the aura AND you triple buf
  22. I just got back into the game a month ago from a long hiatus, and I'm hearing a lot of different things about the loot quality per maps. Perhaps we can finally make this all clear with this thread. Everyone seems to say "King's Game" is the best for "trans armor". As far as I remembered, no map has a certain affinity except in certain types of weapons. So, is it because King's Game is "easier" to run, ergo, easier to run with a summoner? If so, what are the other maps affinities? (aka, better for weapons, etc)? Some maps do indeed drop different types of weapons, such as mistymire
  23. This seems like an extraordinarily difficult nightmare survival for me right now and few people seem to talk about it. Is the loot from it any good? I'm able to do Aquanos / Moraggo and almost finish King's Game. Curious how Palantir stacks compared to them with regards to loot drops.
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